Super quick post… 

No resolutions per se but I do have some goals.

  1. Lose another 2 sizes and 30+ pounds.  I lost about 25 pounds and 2 sizes this past year.  More than 30 pounds would be awesome (see #7). However, I am cool with little steps and maintaining the 60+ pounds I have already lost and kept off.
  2. Save via the 52 Week Money Challenge; doubling the weekly amount.  Ultimate goal is to continue the highest savings into next year and pack it away into IRA and down payment.
  3. Start Graduate Program which means I need to:
    1. Finish History Course
    2. Determine What I Want to do (currently in this order):
      1. Information Technology
      2. History
      3. MBA
  4. Get Microsoft Office Expert Re-certification (mostly about boning up on skills that have stagnated over last decade and a half).  I am lumping a course in QuickBooks here too for the same reason.
  5. Besides Parks & Rec (for Little League and personal reasons), attend more city meetings, especially BOE and City Council. Probably joining son’s school’s governance council too.
  6. Attend services regularly.  Gotten into the habit of not leaving house on Sundays and while good for re-charge reasons, I am feeling the lack of fellowship acutely.
  7. Eat Cleanly – this honestly seems to be my greatest challenge.  I have to come up with ways to cut out the crap.  I do well for a couple months and then back to the bad habits.  It’s mostly involves convenience foods and finding Paleo/AIP friendly pantry stable options when money is flowing as it should..  I have way too many documented food sensitivities to be playing around with this but find myself jumping off the wagon again and again.

This year’s word is Evolution.  Which very much runs hand in hand with last year’s Momentum.  I’ll do a Wordle when I have a chance.


2012’s Word – Positive

I’ve even made a Wordle.

Why is this year’s word Positive?

Well, I think I have my path for Authenticity well established and I know this will be a lifelong pursuit, but I am ready to take the next step.

I highly doubt I’ll ever lose my snark or sarcasm, yet I think I need to round some edges. While pursuing my education, I’ve found quite a few friends (okay read most) have fallen away. Sure time constraints, life changes (on all sides) and so forth will naturally happen and I can live with that, but I have been feeling rather isolated lately besides work and school; school and work; little league, school and work…

Someone I thought was a “good through thick and thin” friend has gone poof. I have a couple of friends that cycle and I see that we are on the quiet side of the cycle; I can live with that…

But I need to stop complaining.

– I complain about work
– I complain at work
– I complain about my weight
– I complain about my health
– I complain about my housekeeping

So my first attempts as I work on Positive?

    Stop complaining.
    If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.

Now I am a manager / director, so it’s not like I won’t be correcting, admonishing, pushing, etc. but I can do it positively, consciously, insightfully and with intention.


It’s a new year… and I am looking forward to some new beginnings.

New true “New Year’s” resolutions other than challenging Rob to lose 50 pounds with me.

But I am interested in choosing a theme. And I think it was sort of chosen for me – Total Authenticity. I had my aura painted a while ago (I will get it framed and posted) and that was the title of the work. It was my theme for the later half of 2009 and would like to keep moving forward on that same note.

Ali Edward’s One Little Word post, got me thinking. I think I am going to do my own Wordle this weekend.


Other points of interest:

I’ve started a local writers group that is having it’s first meet tomorrow.

We are thinking of moving to the greater Eugene / Portland area in the summer of 2011 or 2012.

How is that for random?