Word for 2013 – Momentum

I still have last year’s Wordle posted above my desk and I feel the need to keep it there because I could still do some work on the snark at inappropriate moments and continue working on getting out of my head when my body hurts. 

But this year is about moving forward.  Engaging even more with life and committing to becoming more me.  Momentum!


Wordle: Word - 2012


Had a bit of an epiphany last night…

Rob has commented a couple times over the many years we’ve been together “Where is that girl I dated…?”

Folks this is not a serious question, because we met while in an environment where appearances were very important to the company we kept.  He has not put me down in any way, it’s just funny to look at old pictures and think, “Why on earth am I wearing that?” instead of those cases where I think, “I looked hot!”  You know besides fashion trends etc… (ugh, do you notice they are trying to repeat some of the scary from the 80s lately?)

But I put up a meme on FB yesterday:

And I got to thinking (which can be dangerous)…

There have been some changing, for example, in the way I dress, because:

  1. I gained over a hundred pounds over five or so years..
  2. I simply don’t work in a professional dress environment anymore. (The money I save on pantyhose and dry cleaning = AWESOME!!)
  3. I feel more able to express my hippieness and even the gothness, which I couldn’t do before because, well see #2.

But I came to realize that one of the main reasons I am trying to lose weight, despite health & schedule issues, is because I really miss the tailored look that I loved when I did work in a professional environment.  So smaller hips and toned abs have a new reason, as of last night.

Yes, I’ll still be wearing flowing skirts and Birkenstocks in non-earthy colors (I love jewel tones to gothic colors and don’t do the earth tones in which a lot of “hippie” clothes are made.).  But I’d rather rock a princess cut or corset style top, instead of a baggy t-shirt or these shapeless tunics that they try to sell as plus sized wear.

New motivation people, new motivation.

Joined the gym today

I joined the gym. Can’t do much with it until after May 5th (after vacation & finals), simply not enough time. But I am very excited.

Will build new workout habits from May to late August. In hopes they are stuck when I start college up again in the fall. The gym is open from 4:30AM to 10PM, very doable, unlike my college gym (M-F 9-6). So fitness regeared and revved.

Membership includes 4 trainer sessions, which I definitely plan to use.

Shorter Term Goals:

  1. Consistent Workouts
  2. Daily Yoga/Meditation Practice

Long Term Goals:

  1. Pass Adult Fitness Test
  2. Complete Couch to 5K program
  3. Complete a Triathlon
  4. Fit into size 10/12 by age 40 (just over 2 years)
  5. Waist = 36 inches or smaller

Now to find flip flips, create a dedicated gym bag and get new work out sneakers before the 5th.


Resource Links:

Beginner Cycling Training Program

How to Go From Fat To Fit For Good

Fitness Goop

Life is nuts!

But I love it.  LOL

School is going well.  Three classes this semester.  Barring missing a bunch of classes and missing important notes… I should get high B’s all the way across.  I am hoping for an A or two if I can ace my finals.  Which means the end of this semester is in sight.  May 4th is the day of my last final.  Political Science, Anthropology & History.

No classes this summer. I plan to reconnect with my friends and my body.  Joining a gym is on the agenda, along with lots hangout time with old friends and new.  Backyard is getting prepped for entertaining and I have plans for my bucket garden.

Other news, we are on an aggressive savings plan to start looking to buy a house in the Summer 2012.  Had a great meeting with a local loan officer and a real estate agent this past Friday.  We know what we need to do.  w00t!  We would like to get into one of the less urban local towns with a good school system.

Little League season is about to start.  Which means hubby is neck deep in schedules, coaches, equipment and plans.  It’s all good, opening day is after my finals and I get to spend lots of time outside (and maybe get more knitting done during practices, LOL).

Rob and I went to Atlantic City for the weekend, a week ago.  The first time we left Ry home.  Fun.  Barely any gambling because it’s just not our thing, but we dropped a bit of money at the outlet shops (got new sneakers and a hoodie) and combed the beach for shells.  I will have pictures up on Flickr soon.  They are downloaded to laptop, just need to get them captioned and uploaded.  Maybe after class tomorrow.

Heading to Phoenix on the 15th to visit SIL and have a family vacation. Going to do Route 66, visit the zoo, hit a ball game, that sort of thing.

In other words, busy busy.  But I like it.

What’s up with me…

If you don’t follow me on Facebook and could care less about Twitters (which I am no longer posting here since they are on my Facebook) …

I am doing well. I have kinda gone into one of my holding pattern modes. But I don’t feel stagnant, just on the verge of something. Don’t know what but it’s interesting all the same.

School – nothing new, need to scrape together the $75 to apply & get credits evaluated. I WILL start school after the holidays of this year.
Weight – no lose, no gain. Completely fallen off the SparkPeople wagon. I definitely do my best when I am journaling my food intake.
Exercise – let lots of things get in way – biopsy stitches, sprained wrist, arthritis diagnosis – time to figure out new routine, just because I can’t do planks doesn’t mean I can’t get moving daily. A rug in living room would be nice too.
Health – have had more good days than bad, even with new arthritis diagnosis in left wrist. Going to a naturopath on the first to get tested for gluten issues & other food sensitivities.
Crafting – slowed down on knitting. I can no longer hold sock needles for any great length of time. So been crocheting a lot and re-evaluating knit wish list
Gardening – only have 3 tomato plants and a couple mint plants. Have plans for next year.
House – 95% moved in and settled. Mostly just need to get attic space together. Been to icky to do any labor intensive stuff so it’s sitting. May attack this weekend in the cooler evenings.
Reading – voraciously, mostly urban fantasy, young adult fantasy with a cozy mystery, romance, meditation, foodie book thrown into the mix

I am hoping to:

1. Get back into regular blogging.
2. To work more on my tags.
3. Hire someone to transcribe my manuscripts to see if I can get the writing bug back if I am not rereading the same text for the quintillionth time and only transcribing the first 20 pages for the dozenth time.
4. Work on getting up early again so Ryne and I can get used to a new school year routine.
5. Look through bags and see if I have a wider strapped bag. I’d like to carry my camera everywhere again. But need a better bag that doesn’t bite into shoulder when it gets too heavy.

Been quiet…

First Ryne and I were on vacation…

Then Ryne (very) & I (not too badly) got sick…

Then the horde descended. Rob’s sister (the youngest sibling) came to visit from Phoenix, bringing her son, Killian (9 months) and a friend (only for the weekend). At the peak of the visit we have had 6 adults, 1 child (like Ryne would miss an opportunity like this to camp out in the living room) and an infant crashed out in the living room. Sissy & Killian leave on Sunday. I am bringing her to the airport since Rob has to work after being off all week.

Gardening, pouring through seed catalogs and getting an order together for this weekend. I will be starting seedlings toward the end of the month.

Hair, seriously and I mean seriously considering dreads.

Polyness, nada, not even a real crush at the moment. Which is fine. I am content and that is what matters, right?

Raw diet, not so great. Not giving it up… but old habits die hard and it’s really rough finding nice diverse produce without shopping every day and we haven’t quite figured out how to fit that in. Although my morning smoothie is now a habit even if it contains yogurt at least 50% of the time.

And sort of related, Rob and I are getting into the habit of a weekly meal plan. Sort of loose but definitely have 4 – 5 meals planned out and a grocery list for. It seems to be working. Making things a bit less stressful when I walk in the door because I am not wondering what is for dinner.

Reading, reading lots of crap so nothing to gush over. LOL But have a Christopher Moore book from the library and going to reread Dark Rising by Susan Cooper. No, I have absolutely no interest in seeing the movie.

Tattoo, have goal to have my first ink (compass rose on right forearm) before my birthday. Will discuss Mermaid arm piece with artist at the time as well.

Weight, doing good. Staying steady or creeping down slowly. I am not in any rush and like the slower weight loss. What is cool, is that I’ve lost some girth. It’s getting noticeable in my face and tummy area. Woohoo! Hope to get back into dancing and yoga once the horde has left my living room.

Witchyness / UU, need to get my ass to All Souls. Maybe next Sunday. I just need to get into the habit. Anyone want to come with me? LOL If I have a partner in crime, I am more likely to get out. Have to see what is up with the Circle. The gal in charge is going to school so it’s kinda fizzled. Maybe if I offer myself up as organizer, we can get things going at her place. Hmmmmm….

Writing, I am working on a Dark Fae journal. Handwritten. I need to work on it more diligently as it’s late and then scan it. Will post a link once I do that.

Also have some pictures to take and post….

Along with getting back into the habit of posting recipes and such…

Must not let Facebook completely and utterly suck all my time. Bad, bad, bad time suck.