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Super quick post… 

No resolutions per se but I do have some goals.

  1. Lose another 2 sizes and 30+ pounds.  I lost about 25 pounds and 2 sizes this past year.  More than 30 pounds would be awesome (see #7). However, I am cool with little steps and maintaining the 60+ pounds I have already lost and kept off.
  2. Save via the 52 Week Money Challenge; doubling the weekly amount.  Ultimate goal is to continue the highest savings into next year and pack it away into IRA and down payment.
  3. Start Graduate Program which means I need to:
    1. Finish History Course
    2. Determine What I Want to do (currently in this order):
      1. Information Technology
      2. History
      3. MBA
  4. Get Microsoft Office Expert Re-certification (mostly about boning up on skills that have stagnated over last decade and a half).  I am lumping a course in QuickBooks here too for the same reason.
  5. Besides Parks & Rec (for Little League and personal reasons), attend more city meetings, especially BOE and City Council. Probably joining son’s school’s governance council too.
  6. Attend services regularly.  Gotten into the habit of not leaving house on Sundays and while good for re-charge reasons, I am feeling the lack of fellowship acutely.
  7. Eat Cleanly – this honestly seems to be my greatest challenge.  I have to come up with ways to cut out the crap.  I do well for a couple months and then back to the bad habits.  It’s mostly involves convenience foods and finding Paleo/AIP friendly pantry stable options when money is flowing as it should..  I have way too many documented food sensitivities to be playing around with this but find myself jumping off the wagon again and again.

This year’s word is Evolution.  Which very much runs hand in hand with last year’s Momentum.  I’ll do a Wordle when I have a chance.


Word for 2013 – Momentum

I still have last year’s Wordle posted above my desk and I feel the need to keep it there because I could still do some work on the snark at inappropriate moments and continue working on getting out of my head when my body hurts. 

But this year is about moving forward.  Engaging even more with life and committing to becoming more me.  Momentum!


Wordle: Word - 2012

Had a bit of an epiphany last night…

Rob has commented a couple times over the many years we’ve been together “Where is that girl I dated…?”

Folks this is not a serious question, because we met while in an environment where appearances were very important to the company we kept.  He has not put me down in any way, it’s just funny to look at old pictures and think, “Why on earth am I wearing that?” instead of those cases where I think, “I looked hot!”  You know besides fashion trends etc… (ugh, do you notice they are trying to repeat some of the scary from the 80s lately?)

But I put up a meme on FB yesterday:

And I got to thinking (which can be dangerous)…

There have been some changing, for example, in the way I dress, because:

  1. I gained over a hundred pounds over five or so years..
  2. I simply don’t work in a professional dress environment anymore. (The money I save on pantyhose and dry cleaning = AWESOME!!)
  3. I feel more able to express my hippieness and even the gothness, which I couldn’t do before because, well see #2.

But I came to realize that one of the main reasons I am trying to lose weight, despite health & schedule issues, is because I really miss the tailored look that I loved when I did work in a professional environment.  So smaller hips and toned abs have a new reason, as of last night.

Yes, I’ll still be wearing flowing skirts and Birkenstocks in non-earthy colors (I love jewel tones to gothic colors and don’t do the earth tones in which a lot of “hippie” clothes are made.).  But I’d rather rock a princess cut or corset style top, instead of a baggy t-shirt or these shapeless tunics that they try to sell as plus sized wear.

New motivation people, new motivation.

2012’s Word – Positive

I’ve even made a Wordle.

Why is this year’s word Positive?

Well, I think I have my path for Authenticity well established and I know this will be a lifelong pursuit, but I am ready to take the next step.

I highly doubt I’ll ever lose my snark or sarcasm, yet I think I need to round some edges. While pursuing my education, I’ve found quite a few friends (okay read most) have fallen away. Sure time constraints, life changes (on all sides) and so forth will naturally happen and I can live with that, but I have been feeling rather isolated lately besides work and school; school and work; little league, school and work…

Someone I thought was a “good through thick and thin” friend has gone poof. I have a couple of friends that cycle and I see that we are on the quiet side of the cycle; I can live with that…

But I need to stop complaining.

– I complain about work
– I complain at work
– I complain about my weight
– I complain about my health
– I complain about my housekeeping

So my first attempts as I work on Positive?

    Stop complaining.
    If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.

Now I am a manager / director, so it’s not like I won’t be correcting, admonishing, pushing, etc. but I can do it positively, consciously, insightfully and with intention.


I’ve had an insane few months, and with Little League over, I am taking a few weeks off before the insanity begins again.

Next semester, starting Aug 29, I’ll be leaving my house at 7:30 in the morning and getting home between 7:30 & 10 PM, Monday through Wednesday.  Yikes, 4 classes in 3 days after work (only leaving work an hour early on Tuesdays).  But it also means I have an extra weeknight to do homework, unlike last semester where I took 3 classes over 4 days. 

So what am I contemplating?  Besides my sanity?

Well, first do I get my Bachelors and say I am done?

Or do I go for my Masters/PhD.?

If, I choose option B: 

Do I do stay at UCONN or move to Tempe AZ and go to ASU?

Then the question would be, If we stay here:

Stay put and commute an hour for school?

Or move to Danielson/Brooklyn and commute 35 minutes? (Which would make Rob’s commute to work also about 35 minutes.)

So there you  have it, the things that are running, running, running, through my head.

To stay calm, I am knitting or reading urban fantasy.  LOL  It’s all good.

The whirlwind of life…

After little league ended and the heat of summer came, I’ve had a lot of time to lie around and think. 

#1 Realization – We need a couple A/Cs badly.  Four would be ideal: 4 little ones for Kitchen, Living Room, Ryne’s Room and our bedroom.  The issue is coming up with the $400 – $600 to get them all.  Then if we get one or two at a time which ones are more important.  It’s not like they are fans that we can move from room to room. Bleh, I really dislike being hot.  And Robert, if you claim one more time, that moving to the desert will make all the difference, I do NOT care.  Over 80 is over 80 whether it is humid or not.  I don’t like to be hot, period.

#2 Realization – I am a crafter, not just a knitter.  I have to deal with it and let myself be well, crafty.  The good news is I’ve signed up for a few ATC swaps to broaden my horizons.  So slowly collecting supplies – water colors, acrylics, sponges, brushes, colored pencils to go with my pile o’Sharpies & Mod Podge.  I don’t know if I want to get into a daily practice (which I could merge with a re-awaked daily pages practice, needs more thought) or if I want to make a date with myself.  i.e. Tuesday nights are supposed to be family game night.  Thursday night is knitting group (along with Saturday mornings).  I have a monthly writers group in there.  And am going to be adding a college course or two. LOL, yikes. But I want to have fun.  I don’t want creativity to be a chore or obligation (like the swaps & test knitting) but something to do and play with.  We’ll see.

#3 Realization – I have been feeling a bit lonely for my friends.  Many of my good friends are stay at home mothers, who get to see each other during the week.  So I am feeling out of touch, out of the loop and maybe even forgotten.  I want to plan a get together or three so I don’t have to wait for others to do the planning and fitting it somewhere in that nutty schedule I mentioned above.

#4 Realization – I need to start writing again.  Instead of waiting for the stuff I wanted transcribed to get well transcribed, I need to see if there are any new stories brewing in the back of my head.  Maybe try my hand at a paranormal mystery or something. Hmm…

#5 Realization – I have completely fallen off the fitness / wellness wagon.  I was in seriously rough shape yesterday (high pain / low energy).  Better today but not as much as I should be. 

  • Reason 1: Can’t seem to keep wheat out of my mouth.  Why?  Because most of the non-perishable convenience foods in our cabinets are wheat products. 

  • Reason 2: I don’t have a dedicated exercise area.  It can’t be the middle of the living room, the room is simply too small.
    • I was hoping to make a craft area/exercise studio out of our attic but the BIL needed a place so he is up there. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t resent that in any way.  I am truly grateful it’s there for him. But our plans of a personal space for me have been invaded.
    • There might be room in the basement but, bleh.  I need to keep my eye out for a light-weight carpet that I can roll up everyday.  While the basement is pretty dry, a couple times a month we get a hard enough rain that we get puddles down there. 
    • No TV down there either so no Wii nor DVDs. 

Ugh… it comes down to lots of excuses.  Need to figure out some cost free solutions.  Will chat with hubby tonight.

#6 Realization – There has been no Bitchin’ Witchen in my kitchen.  I never got my garden going this year… pots nor traditional.  And I feel I’ve lost my verve,  my sense of intention.  A lot of it is the heat.  But some is just plain sloppy laziness.  I hadn’t stirred with thought and power in forever.  Meal plans have totally gone to the wayside. Grocery shopping has been neither organized nor thoughtful. 

I just wrote on one of my forums that “Maybe time for a personal re-dedication ceremony to get myself back on the right track. A starting point to move forward from.”


So today I’ve decided to stop thinking and start planning and most absolutely start doing. 

Quiet Time

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Nature’s rhythm is cyclical. Everything alive waxes and wanes. If you’re smart, you honor that flow by periodically letting parts of your world wither or go to sleep. If you’re not so smart, you set yourself up for needless pain by indulging in the delusion that you can enjoy uninterrupted growth. According to my reading of the astrological omens, Gemini, this is your time to explore the creative possibilities of ebbing and slackening. Ask yourself the following question, which I’ve borrowed from the Jungian author Clarissa Pinkola Estes: “What must I allow to die today in order to generate more life tomorrow?”


This week’s horoscope makes a great deal of sense. I do indeed grow through periods of great energy, creative and need for “output.” Then I have times of slowness, quiet and recharging. And when I force myself through these times, I end up sick.

I am currently going through a quiet time, “forgetting” to turn on the radio, more reading than knitting (or crocheting, or drawing, or paper crafting, or spinning, or sewing) … more cooking than baking… more sleeping than evening plans. It’s all good, because this also when I gather, observe and note what interests me… often leading to inspiration later. Coming out on the other side recharged.