Word for 2013 – Momentum

I still have last year’s Wordle posted above my desk and I feel the need to keep it there because I could still do some work on the snark at inappropriate moments and continue working on getting out of my head when my body hurts. 

But this year is about moving forward.  Engaging even more with life and committing to becoming more me.  Momentum!


Wordle: Word - 2012


This weekend’s to do list

My life has been a tad insane… and I want to take things down several notches, so besides attending an Early Music concert with my mother on Friday night, here is what I am thinking of doing this weekend… could be all of this list or part of it, either way it will be great.


1. Sleep in

2. Knit at coffee shop

3. Attend event at Family Wellness Center

4. Attend North Stonington Fair and visit the sheep tent (not to mention let Ryne go on a ride or three)

5. Read a good book

6. Attend service at All Souls (because it’s been way too long)

7. Eat big salad with local greens (so that means a trip to a farmer’s market, coop or farm stand)

8. Cook a meal or three

Back to School

I have been back for a bit over two weeks.  The good news, we only missed one day due to Irene… The bad news, my office was without power for a week so I had to wait until after school started to track down (took me 2 days) the Bursar to get my refund check to buy books… making me about a week behind on a 200+ page a week reading load.  If I can fudge my way through classes today and tomorrow, I’ll have Wednesday evening (late class is cancelled), Thursday evening, all day Friday (except for a few hours at the local historical society to work on a primary document project) and the weekend (well we have people over on Saturday) to get caught up.

Ever look at a list of stuff you need to do and just feel tired?  Yep, that is absolutely where I am at. 

On the awesome side, we have begun our urban farm.  LOL.  My brother & sister in law (who live with us) have been building a flock of chicken, quail & pheasant in our back yard.  And apparently, a neighbor is cool with us getting a couple small goats to help deal with out of control yard issues.  I’d like to get more involved in the day to day care of the critters… but remember that list.  I’ll jump in once I am back in the groove.

Ry is happy to be back in school.  He’s a fourth grader.  Where the heck did the time go?  There is an open house tomorrow night that I might be able to pop into because I don’t have class…  hmm.  He’s doing Karate and we are trying to see if swimming lessons will fit into the budget / schedule.  I can read while he’s swimming, just need to see if it’s too late to sign up.

Rob is hip deep in Fall Ball, which is just as bad as the regular Little League season.  I will have to tie him down for a date night soon so we can just hang out, gasp, together.  LOL  He is so good with the kids and it’s a passion for him.  It makes him happy and as I adore baseball I don’t resent it nearly as much as I could.

I am sticking to only one knitting project at the moment, Traveling Woman (the free version).  It’s been modified, because when can I not tweak, well unless I am test knitting.  I have started a sweater for my nephew, Link, which I hope to get done by Christmas but I am not going to pressure myself on it. 

Maybe I’ll get some pictures posted sooner than later.

Have been to the gym in far too long, but keeping my lost weight off and have probably lost a couple more pounds probably thanks to all the on campus walking.  I have to batteries for my pedometer and see what I walk on an average day. 

I am happy, busy and inspired.  Now I just need to learn how to get by on 4 – 6 hours of sleep like I used to in my late teens / early twenties. 

School Starts On Monday…maybe

Where did the summer go?  It was a good summer. 

Ry is getting so independent that we could pop out for a few minutes and let him do his own thing.  He went to the local playground program so he didn’t sit in front of the TV all day.  Alas, with Irene coming up the coast, he may have to start school on Wednesday with a couple of last year’s shirts and the two pair of uniform pants we’ve been able to find so far.  I am pretty sure, I don’t want to go anywhere near any shopping outlet tomorrow.  I have friends posting empty shelves even though we still have a couple days before she is supposed to hit.

I start on Monday, maybe…  One of the local colleges has delayed the new student arrivals to next weekend.  So if we lose power I might have a couple more days off.  I finally added my cell phone to my student profile in case they close the school. 

I plan in getting my last big load of library books for the year, tomorrow, so I will have plenty to read if we lose internet & cable.  LOL  And I will be playing with the iPad dictation program to start transcribing my stories, for as long as I have battery life or power to keep it charged.  Poor kid will be pissy that I will hog the device, but it’s mine so he’ll live without YouTube. 

I also plan to take advantage of this weekend and next to get pictures taken of knitting projects and get other pictures uploaded. So look for new pictures here and on Flickr. 

All in all, I am ready for the madness of the school year.  I am very much looking forward to all my classes and am giving Grad school more and more thought. 

OMFG! What happened to 2010?

Well I can say this, I had no idea returning to school would be sooooo time consuming and instead of slowing down, I was insane and added another class.

Yes folks, I am working full time AND taking four (4) class, three (3) of which are 3000 level. 

Will I survive? Will I knit anything besides the slowly progressing Travelling Woman again? I don’t know.  But I will do my best. 

I have two hats to finish knitting and one afghan to sew in ends on to say my 2010 knitting is done.  But I “should” be able to do that by the time classes start in earnest on Jan 18th.

I have new pictures on Flickr. I want to get a few of them up on here with explanations, especially the stocking as apparently, I might have to replicate it a few (um read a dozen) times.  LOL  What do I get myself into?  And the sweater I knit for Rob which came out AWESOME!

Oh!  I also received a camera for Christmas, along with an iPad, so hoping that I can be a bit more portable about blogging during my little bits of down time between classes.

– Mini health goals:

15 minutes of yoga daily (I’d like to up this but baby steps)
green or fruit smoothie with coconut oil daily
hike, bike, hoop or 2+ miles with dog on Sundays

– Mini photography goals:

Take & upload 5 photos a week to blog
Take and post 1 photo of me a month to blog


That’s it.  No resolutions just working on what I have already been building over the last year.  And after much consideration decided to keep last year’s word – authenticity.

Digging to continue unburying the Authentic “Me.”

Are you doing NaNoWriMo?

I am brainstorming for ideas for NaNoWriMo.  I am waffling between erotic and fantasy, maybe urban fantasy or a combo. 

If you want to buddy me, I am myindigodreams.

Quickie Update

I have started to keep a book list on my blog, (see the tabs at the top of page) if you are curious.  I am interested in seeing how much fun reading and how much brain stretching reading I am doing.  Although, I believe any reading is mind stretching, but I try to mix some non-fiction & literary work in between the bodice rippers, vampires, space ships, werewolves, oh my!

Not sure what is up with school.  I am STILL waiting for one transcript.  I call on a more than daily basis and leave messages.  UCONN has my unofficial transcript and I am all but admitted.  But nothing is official until that is done.  I am a tad frustrated.  I have a few classes to choose from but I doubt I’ll be doing accounting this year, since there were only 2 seats left when I spoke with my advisor.  I am 99% I am going to do the because I want to degree instead of the because I should degree.  I will be adding a few business courses to the mix just in case I do decide to go for a future MBA.  With all my transferring and my “weird” park management courses, I am only half way to a degree instead of 3/4 BUT I have all my Q’s done except for English 101.  I took an honors seminar and apparently I am getting the stink about it again.  It doesn’t seem to matter that I have taken other high level English classes, I am going to have to go through the process to get a waiver.

Phebe is still a crazy puppy.  We’ve gotten her spayed.  So that is off the check list.  I hope to get a cheapo camera soon to get back to my incessant picture taking. 

I’ve finished 2 sets of mittens & a hat.  I have been plugging away at Rob’s sweater and would really like to get it done before cooler weather, just need to find the yarn stash for it.  It’s in one of two places, just haven’t dug for it yet.