It’s a new day.  And it’s a good day.

Oh I hate the time change and it’s going to take time to recover.  But both Ryne and I woke with some ease… so I am hoping that we can kick things up a notch.

I have been getting up a bit earlier and we stretch, run through his katas (for karate, he is a green belt) and then we pick a few cards from a couple different FitDecks.

Some weeks it’s almost daily other weeks not so much.  But I think after two days of not so much, we’ll get up tomorrow and start anew.  One of my goals is to help him with his push up form and stamina.  And to get us eventually to the point to do 50 true push ups.  Once he has that down we’ll work on squats and planks, along with whatever the cards throw at us.

I like how my clothes fit today… yes I still have a muffin top but I can easily imagine how much less that muffin top will be in 6-8 weeks.  Will I even be wearing these jeans? By that time it might be time again to purge my clothes of too big items. 

Will I be interested in more fitted tees?  The possibility of shopping with wider options is exciting.

But most importantly, I see a fitter me.  One who moves better.  And craving the outdoors is more than sitting on the porch but hiking upward in search of new adventures. 

I am on my way.  Today.


Had a bit of an epiphany last night…

Rob has commented a couple times over the many years we’ve been together “Where is that girl I dated…?”

Folks this is not a serious question, because we met while in an environment where appearances were very important to the company we kept.  He has not put me down in any way, it’s just funny to look at old pictures and think, “Why on earth am I wearing that?” instead of those cases where I think, “I looked hot!”  You know besides fashion trends etc… (ugh, do you notice they are trying to repeat some of the scary from the 80s lately?)

But I put up a meme on FB yesterday:

And I got to thinking (which can be dangerous)…

There have been some changing, for example, in the way I dress, because:

  1. I gained over a hundred pounds over five or so years..
  2. I simply don’t work in a professional dress environment anymore. (The money I save on pantyhose and dry cleaning = AWESOME!!)
  3. I feel more able to express my hippieness and even the gothness, which I couldn’t do before because, well see #2.

But I came to realize that one of the main reasons I am trying to lose weight, despite health & schedule issues, is because I really miss the tailored look that I loved when I did work in a professional environment.  So smaller hips and toned abs have a new reason, as of last night.

Yes, I’ll still be wearing flowing skirts and Birkenstocks in non-earthy colors (I love jewel tones to gothic colors and don’t do the earth tones in which a lot of “hippie” clothes are made.).  But I’d rather rock a princess cut or corset style top, instead of a baggy t-shirt or these shapeless tunics that they try to sell as plus sized wear.

New motivation people, new motivation.

Dress Ideas… while they are still swirling in my head

I woke from a dream this morning and was trying to remember what I was wearing.  LOL, obviously not an important dream, since all I had left was a vague idea of that I was wearing.

This is what I think I was wearing…

Something like this dress but under my breasts there was a band that tied in the back.  It was very empire-ish.  So the dress untied would have to be a few inches pass my knees to … cough cough accommodate my girls because I don’t want the dress to much above my knees but may need 6 inches or so.  Wonder if the front of the dress should be a little longer than the back. 

Then I got to thinking some more about this dress…

Maybe I could modify the “traditional peasant dress”: (below breasts) and merge it with (top above breasts)

And since I am cruising Etsy, I really want a top like this:

Also like this one the Lycra belt totally makes it.

A couple more smocked sundresses and a couple knee length drawstring skirts will round out my spring/summer attire this year.

Hella Good

Woke up pretty well this morning. No major urge to hide under the covers.

For some reason, I decided to jump on the scale. Then I got off it and got on it again. Then I moved it to the kitchen (floor is more level) and got on it again. Um… wow! Lost 15+ pounds in 6.5 weeks.

I think I knew it, my last pair of favorite jeans where doing the slip way down and tug up all day thing, like my old pants were.

The good news is I need new jeans, the bad news is I need new jeans. I HATE trying on clothes…

This weight loss journey has been so different.

I am dropping sizes / inches in some places and not in others. My boobs, no loss. Yes, I do want loss there.

I want to be able to buy non-Plus clothes, at the rate I am going, I’ll be out of Plus pants this Fall but still in Plus shirts. Boooooo! But then again… that has really been my goal, getting my waist back under 36 inches. LOL

I need new measurements, maybe some photos for personal documentation. Will make sure that happens this weekend.

This was not a good morning…

The 90 minute delay for school wasn’t bad. I am all for playing on my laptop snuggled in bed for an hour. Getting Ryne off the XBox and out the door was a bit irking, but not too bad.

I took the fact that, despite living in New England, we only have one window scraper (and it was in Rob’s car) pretty much in stride. Note to self – finish mittens. Scraping windshields with a credit card and magic gloves don’t mix well.

Despite some swearing under my breath, I went with the flow toward the total disregard of traffic laws and courtesies at Ryne’s school. Double and triple parking where buses and other parents are trying to drop off kids. I mean if someone was in the car, I’d been somewhat okay. But walking away from your vehicle and being triple parked. Stupid and inconsiderate.

But getting to the gas station with my van practically on fumes and having a @$#&ing car cut me off as I was pulling in just did me in. But that was not all, the gal in said car, pulled up to a pump, parked her car and went shopping and then came back out with a bag of crap, her paper and drink. No gas. The pickup that she was behind, also went shopping but at least he pumped $10. I backed up for her to get out, but no… she sat there until the pickup finally pulled out. I watched this phenomenon happen another 3 times while I pumped gas. Despite empty parking spaces, folk parked in front of pumps and went into the store for crap and then pulled away without gas.

Now having less than $30 to fill tank totally helped get me into a better mood. Unfortunately it didn’t stick. Starbucks was closed due to electrical issues and then I had to hike up the hill at the office after two unsuccessful attempts to drive up (with brand new tires). Thank goodness I finally found winter boots that fit. Speaking of those boots may have to see if I can find another pair at BJ’s to store for the future. They fit, they are warm without making my feet feel icky. If they were black instead of brown, they’d be perfect.

It’s now 2:00, I was 2 hours late for work. Had to deal with human resource issues, instead of data stuff. And I am still ALONE in the office. Admittedly Wednesday is a light day for in-office personnel, but come on.

So I am ODing on yogurt – Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr and some Tzatziki I picked up at the deli. Wish, I’d picked up some soup to stock my desk. That would have been a nice addition to my lunch.

Dr. Martens

My 2nd recent attempt at Dr Martens has bit the dust.

I have had 3 pairs in the past (late 80’s – early 90’s), not sure what the issues are finding a pair that fits now.

Notes to self: 1. You are a size 5 – 5.5 UK
2. Do not even look at Women’s boots, must be Unisex styles (wider)
3. Buy from someone that allows returns i.e. Zappos

Well, my MIL has a new pair of boots.

Forgive me for I have not written…

it’s been over 5 days since my last entry… and it was a meme at that.

Anyhoo, I suspect this baby is going to be piecemeal. Lots on my mind. And it’s all over the place.


Ryne starts first grade tomorrow. So have to start a new morning routine for me. Which will probably include A) setting alarm clock for 6:30 so I am up before 6:45. B) workout – WiiFit, Bellydance, Yoga or Tae Bo (30-40 mins). C) Quickie shower (5-7 mins) D) Making sure Ryne is up and dressed. E) Feeding our faces F) out the door by 7:45.

We still haven’t sorted his clothes to see how many viable shirts he has. Ugh. Guess while he is taking his bath, I’ll be doing that.

I may have mentioned he is going to a new school – here is a bit of a description. Very cool. We may have to stick around until he finishes 5th grade, LOL.

Bill Gates once said,”(learning) is rooted in the vision of an empowered community where education is continuous, relevant, adaptive and incorporates best in class technology in every area of learning.” We at XXXX embrace this vision. We have the expertise of experienced teachers with the innovative support of UConn. While we ensure our students are mastering standards, we engage their imaginations and develop their love of learning and exploration through the Arts, performance and technology. At XXXX, Academic Rigor is our expectation; students demonstrating their knowledge is our dream.

He is going to a CommPACT school. It’s a new model that the Board of Education for the state of CT is implementing in several urban communities to replace charter schools. Lots of parent involvement. Lots of hands on technology. He may have PowerPoint homework. Love it.

I am very intrigued. His teacher seems great, from first meeting, and I am glad he’ll have Spanish classes (which I think all elementary school children should have in this city, not just the magnet school).


Work is still aggravating and I am rather (screw it … completely) overwhelmed. No hope, no help in sight. One partner behind me 100% = need more help, other partner thinks I am doing great and I just need to get creative with what I have. Cut my staff not but half but by 2/3 and expect me to go with the flow, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! They have until the holidays. I am not sure what I am going to do but it can’t go on like this. It just can’t.

I am looking forward to this long weekend. kailyn25, I do believe I will take you up on your invite for Monday. What do you want me to bring besides tomatoes, the potato salad I am craving and something wine cooler-esque?


Personal Wish List for immediate future:

Good black ink pen – for arting
Moleskine Soft Cover Pocket Plain Notebook (3.5 x 5.5) – for scribble journaling
Moleskine Sketchbook &/or Watercolor Book – for arting (not sure which because I used to mix my pen and ink with watercolor pencils…hmmmm


Cleaned out a lot of clothes from my closet. Sending a bunch to a friend in KY. But now, I have to figure out what I am going to do this winter.

I need:

2 or 3 black sweaters
A blue sweater (or 2)
A red sweater
3 – 4 pair of girl jeans
A few casual but nice tops
Pair of work boots (which I never bought last year)
Bras (ick)

I am on the cusp of a couple sizes, since my bosom has not shrunk as much as the rest of me, I am going to be trying on a lot of clothes. I am finding I can be anywhere from an 18 – 22 (or 1x – 3x). Sucks as trying things on is my least favorite part of shopping.

Avenue has a few things in their catalog that I like, but I hate their prices, considering how crappy their fabrics can be. Our local Target truly sucks for plus sizes. May have to shop on-line. Old Navy doesn’t do plus sizes in store anymore. May have to shop on-line. Kohls is hit & miss, so is Fashion Bug. Don’t get me started on Torrid, they just piss me off.


Rhinebeck (Oct 18 -19) or King Richard’s Faire (Aug 30 – Oct 19)? Or can we swing both? Dilemma of the century, I am telling you. Really, this is important stuff. LOL