Word for 2013 – Momentum

I still have last year’s Wordle posted above my desk and I feel the need to keep it there because I could still do some work on the snark at inappropriate moments and continue working on getting out of my head when my body hurts. 

But this year is about moving forward.  Engaging even more with life and committing to becoming more me.  Momentum!


Wordle: Word - 2012


Back to School

I have been back for a bit over two weeks.  The good news, we only missed one day due to Irene… The bad news, my office was without power for a week so I had to wait until after school started to track down (took me 2 days) the Bursar to get my refund check to buy books… making me about a week behind on a 200+ page a week reading load.  If I can fudge my way through classes today and tomorrow, I’ll have Wednesday evening (late class is cancelled), Thursday evening, all day Friday (except for a few hours at the local historical society to work on a primary document project) and the weekend (well we have people over on Saturday) to get caught up.

Ever look at a list of stuff you need to do and just feel tired?  Yep, that is absolutely where I am at. 

On the awesome side, we have begun our urban farm.  LOL.  My brother & sister in law (who live with us) have been building a flock of chicken, quail & pheasant in our back yard.  And apparently, a neighbor is cool with us getting a couple small goats to help deal with out of control yard issues.  I’d like to get more involved in the day to day care of the critters… but remember that list.  I’ll jump in once I am back in the groove.

Ry is happy to be back in school.  He’s a fourth grader.  Where the heck did the time go?  There is an open house tomorrow night that I might be able to pop into because I don’t have class…  hmm.  He’s doing Karate and we are trying to see if swimming lessons will fit into the budget / schedule.  I can read while he’s swimming, just need to see if it’s too late to sign up.

Rob is hip deep in Fall Ball, which is just as bad as the regular Little League season.  I will have to tie him down for a date night soon so we can just hang out, gasp, together.  LOL  He is so good with the kids and it’s a passion for him.  It makes him happy and as I adore baseball I don’t resent it nearly as much as I could.

I am sticking to only one knitting project at the moment, Traveling Woman (the free version).  It’s been modified, because when can I not tweak, well unless I am test knitting.  I have started a sweater for my nephew, Link, which I hope to get done by Christmas but I am not going to pressure myself on it. 

Maybe I’ll get some pictures posted sooner than later.

Have been to the gym in far too long, but keeping my lost weight off and have probably lost a couple more pounds probably thanks to all the on campus walking.  I have to batteries for my pedometer and see what I walk on an average day. 

I am happy, busy and inspired.  Now I just need to learn how to get by on 4 – 6 hours of sleep like I used to in my late teens / early twenties. 

School Starts Today

Well Spring semester was supposed to start yesterday, but the icko weather cancelled classes. 

I’ve decided to drop one class, Communications.  I was not thrilled with the book and am hoping that I can get into the other professor’s class next year. 

So back to my “usual” three-quarter time, instead of the insanity of full time college student who happens to work full time too. 

It’s all good. 

We are still without a working computer in the house (besides iPad), but hoping to change that very shortly when I can buy Windows 7 which will solve issues with both computers – replacing hard drive on laptop with a reformatted one and dumping Vista on the desktop which blew it up. Like I said, it’s all good.

Once the computers are up and running, I have something like 500 pictures to sort. 

Words for 2011

Wordle: 2011

You can click on image to embiggen.

The first half of the year will potentially be insane.  Let’s be frank – I will be working 40 hours, taking four classes and commuting between hither and yon.  There are three  (3) days when I leave the house at 7:30 AM and don’t return until 10 PM.  For the other two “work” days, for one I get home at 7:30 PM and only have a "normal" 7:30 – 5:30 on Fridays.

Saturdays are our run around as a family, get everything done day, this includes: weekly swimming lessons, weekly knitting group, monthly writer’s group, grocery shopping, general shopping, dropping something off for someone, etc. A mad kind of day that usually starts at 8 – 8:30 in the morning and doesn’t end until well it ends sometime in the evening.

Sundays are the kiddo’s and my unplugged, decompression day.  Hubby works and we usually have the day to chillax with video games, books or a tub to scrub.

So as I thought of my words I wanted to make sure they weren’t all organized and motivated.  I needed to make sure I remembered the fun & whimsy. 

OMFG! What happened to 2010?

Well I can say this, I had no idea returning to school would be sooooo time consuming and instead of slowing down, I was insane and added another class.

Yes folks, I am working full time AND taking four (4) class, three (3) of which are 3000 level. 

Will I survive? Will I knit anything besides the slowly progressing Travelling Woman again? I don’t know.  But I will do my best. 

I have two hats to finish knitting and one afghan to sew in ends on to say my 2010 knitting is done.  But I “should” be able to do that by the time classes start in earnest on Jan 18th.

I have new pictures on Flickr. I want to get a few of them up on here with explanations, especially the stocking as apparently, I might have to replicate it a few (um read a dozen) times.  LOL  What do I get myself into?  And the sweater I knit for Rob which came out AWESOME!

Oh!  I also received a camera for Christmas, along with an iPad, so hoping that I can be a bit more portable about blogging during my little bits of down time between classes.

– Mini health goals:

15 minutes of yoga daily (I’d like to up this but baby steps)
green or fruit smoothie with coconut oil daily
hike, bike, hoop or 2+ miles with dog on Sundays

– Mini photography goals:

Take & upload 5 photos a week to blog
Take and post 1 photo of me a month to blog


That’s it.  No resolutions just working on what I have already been building over the last year.  And after much consideration decided to keep last year’s word – authenticity.

Digging to continue unburying the Authentic “Me.”

Had a wonderful if long weekend.

We had a wonderful weekend despite it’s odd moments.  Saturday morning we got up as usual.  Rob went up to the attic to check the bank accounts on the computer and print directions to a fest we attended.  Then coming down the stairs he fell.  Probably broke a toe and got a lovely cut on a finger from the snack shelf that used to live at bottom of stairs (completely mangled the shelf). 

He of course toughed it up.  I poked and prodded to make sure he wasn’t hiding too much pain.  He wanted to go.  So we hit the local beanery for coffee, breakfast & say hello to my knitting crew before we hit the road.  The man was determined to attend the fest. I did make him promise me if he needed it to hit the clinic at work. 

We attended Life is Good in Canton Mass. Got to see They Might Be Giants, Dan Zanes, Ozomatli, Donavon Frankenreiter, Dr. Dog, Grace Potter, Ziggy Marley & Ben Harper.  There are a couple I am missing, but they were more background music while we did other things at the fest.

It was a loverly day!  Then on Sunday, we went to Singapore Grill to help celebrate our friend Berta’s birthday over sushi.  MMMM… I have teriyaki chicken leftovers for lunch.


In other news.  I have RETURNED TO SCHOOL.  I am taking three classes this semester.  Intro to IT, Intro to Archaeology and Experiential Learning & Education.  It will be interesting to see how the next couple of semesters pan out – time, health, sanity and we’ll see if I can swing four classes a semester next year. 

Speaking of time & sanity:

Ryne has swimming lessons on Saturdays.

I still have knitting groups on Thursdays & Saturdays.

I still have writers group, 2nd Saturday of the month.

Rob is still actively involved with Little League.

We are waiting to hear if the local Kung Fu classes are going to start up again.

Ryne has talked about checking out the next town’s youth wresting program. 

Thankfully Rob can help with the afterschool activities on any day I feel I can’t handle it so no pressure there.


We are having our last picnic of the summer, so a bit of mad rushing to get house ship shape for the Summer’s Last Hurrah. 

Weirdnesses of Life

I doubt that weirdnesses is a word, but I like it and it works.

So my little 744 sq. ft. house is now home to 1 dad, 1 mom, 1 child, 1 dog, 1 grandmother and 1 uncle (and sometimes 1 nephew).  It’s been good so far, admittedly we just added Grandma last night.  So as long as my rules are obeyed… I can deal.  My rules, you ask?

No smoking indoors (and pick up butts)
No drunkenness in the house

I am the child of alcoholics and while I do partake in a drink or 2 a couple times a month, I have no tolerance what so ever for overindulgence.  This is one of the few areas of I very rigid in. 


Other weirdness, my favorite kitchen knife has wandered away.  Do you know how many knives we have gone through to find the right weight, right length, right feel?  I am not amused.  I am hoping it was borrowed and will find it’s way home but we are going over 2 weeks while it’s been on walk about.  Think I am going to have to see about replacing it.


Thursday of last week, I drove into work… I heard on the radio that a storm was moving our way from a couple towns over and I wanted to get into the office before it started.  I made it, that was the last “good” thing to happen.  Okay it wasn’t a really bad day other than watching lightening strike and learning that it fried our LAN, a couple phone ports and my computer’s network card.  There are several other computers here but mine gets toasted.  So for two days, I got to do other tasks instead of the bulk of my job.  It was a nice change of pace, actually but now I am making up for it.  Oh well.


Rob’s baby sister comes to visit in two weeks.  We are all pretty excited.  Should make the house that much cozier, but we’ll survive.  It was cute, she wanted to know if I still went to the coffee shop for knitting group.  She really liked it last time she visited.  So we’ll have her pop visiting us the day before they leave back to Phoenix.


Preparations for our first of two open houses we have each summer/fall.  The lists are made and more things are getting checked off instead of added at this point.  Should be fun.  I love watching the mixture of folk all mingling and seeing new friendships bloom.