Dark hippie mama, comfortably late 30-something and living in Southeastern CT.

I am often described as a throw back to the 60 or 70’s, a neo-hippie with a touch of romance and the gothic – a “dark rubenesque bohemian.”

Mindful Green Witch, with a UU, Quaker, Zen bent. Very interested in intention and living consciously.

One day I will live in a place with the area to cultivate a huge garden – ’til then I am trying to be creative with container gardening.

Cooking & baking is more than a hobby, it’s a need. Don’t have nearly enough time to cook as much as I’d like to.

Fiber junkie who knits, crochets, weaves, spins and plays with paper.

My homes on the internet:

LiveJournal (mirror of this blog)

I also read voraciously. When I am in a groove, I can read more than 25 books in a month. A slow month is 5 or 6 books. Reading anything – sci-fi, urban fantasy, historical romance, cozy mysteries, true crime: Terry Prachett, Susan Wittig Albert, Jane Austen, JD Robb, William Gibson, Neil Gaiman, Laurell K. Hamilton, Lucy Maude Montgomery, Dr. Suess, etc., etc., etc.


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