Day 0

So I am trying again, even with school & Little League in full swing, but I need to do something and I need to do it now. So I will be back to Day 1 of P90x which is my first restart but after missing over 2 weeks because of illness, I thought it was for the best.

The other thing I am going to try is Whole30. I was doing Shakeology, but I am going to put that on hold in favor of a grain free, dairy free, sugar free, whole foods approach.  I did really well on Atkins in the day, but think this is a healthier option for me.

My goal is to use this as my food and workout log for personal accountability and a public record of my progress.

Tonight, Rob and I go grocery shopping. He will be helping me with photos and measurements was well.

Why I am trying this…

I have had some, not so new, health concerns get worse, and fighting arthritis has been rough more days than not.  I am hoping these life changes will help with inflammation and just generally feeling better.  Besides the arthritis that mostly centers around previously broken bones, I deal with the following:

Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Sinusitis
Keratosis Pilaris

Nothing life threatening in and of itself, but some things make life more uncomfortable than others.

Resources for my adventure:


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