Since I am feeling chatty…

I was ill for over a week with bronchitis around 2 weeks ago.  With the illness (and the subsequent massive amounts of sleeping & total brain fog) my whole life got behind – home (especially cleaning), work and school. After this weekend and writing a past due paper, I should be just about caught up. w00t!

But what these 16 days of being laid low and then smooshing as much stuff into each day afterwards, including a few days with midnight or later bed times (I am usually in bed before 10), I haven’t been exercising at all.  And we won’t talk about some of my back sliding on my wheat free eating…

What I have noticed is that my knees, shoulder, wrist, etc. all hurt (arthritis aches & fibro hot spots) more than I was ever sore post getting my ass kicked by a P90x workout.  Hm… exercise really does help me with pain and it helps me sleep better at night.

Yoga tomorrow morning and then Saturday, I am restarting P90x and moving forward again.  Go me.


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