Summer is almost here…

I know the solstice is a few weeks away but my last day of classes was yesterday, so I am in finals week.  Was a rough semester, instead of As & Bs, I think I have a couple Cs.  Way too much reading and I’ll will take my lumps.  I could have rewritten a couple of papers for better grades.  But do I take that time or sleep?  Or better yet, enjoy the evening with the kiddo? 

Anyhoo, I am looking forward to the summer.  No classes and since I still have slightly reduced hours, I am going to get out earlier and hopefully have time to do summery things.

One thing that this summer will be ALL about is getting back on fitness quest.  I’ve kept my 3 pant sized off (from beginning of quest a couple years ago), but am ready to take it to next level.

So between May 6 & August 28 (first day of classes) I propose the following:

1. No soft drinks (including iced tea, most be homebrewed)

2. No fast food

3. Complete P90X or Intensity

4. Daily Yoga / Hooping Routine

5. Meatless Mondays

6. Several raw meals a week

7. Gluten Free

8. Dairy Free (except yogurt)

9. No coffee


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