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2012’s Word – Positive

I’ve even made a Wordle.

Why is this year’s word Positive?

Well, I think I have my path for Authenticity well established and I know this will be a lifelong pursuit, but I am ready to take the next step.

I highly doubt I’ll ever lose my snark or sarcasm, yet I think I need to round some edges. While pursuing my education, I’ve found quite a few friends (okay read most) have fallen away. Sure time constraints, life changes (on all sides) and so forth will naturally happen and I can live with that, but I have been feeling rather isolated lately besides work and school; school and work; little league, school and work…

Someone I thought was a “good through thick and thin” friend has gone poof. I have a couple of friends that cycle and I see that we are on the quiet side of the cycle; I can live with that…

But I need to stop complaining.

– I complain about work
– I complain at work
– I complain about my weight
– I complain about my health
– I complain about my housekeeping

So my first attempts as I work on Positive?

    Stop complaining.
    If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.

Now I am a manager / director, so it’s not like I won’t be correcting, admonishing, pushing, etc. but I can do it positively, consciously, insightfully and with intention.


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