Back to School

I have been back for a bit over two weeks.  The good news, we only missed one day due to Irene… The bad news, my office was without power for a week so I had to wait until after school started to track down (took me 2 days) the Bursar to get my refund check to buy books… making me about a week behind on a 200+ page a week reading load.  If I can fudge my way through classes today and tomorrow, I’ll have Wednesday evening (late class is cancelled), Thursday evening, all day Friday (except for a few hours at the local historical society to work on a primary document project) and the weekend (well we have people over on Saturday) to get caught up.

Ever look at a list of stuff you need to do and just feel tired?  Yep, that is absolutely where I am at. 

On the awesome side, we have begun our urban farm.  LOL.  My brother & sister in law (who live with us) have been building a flock of chicken, quail & pheasant in our back yard.  And apparently, a neighbor is cool with us getting a couple small goats to help deal with out of control yard issues.  I’d like to get more involved in the day to day care of the critters… but remember that list.  I’ll jump in once I am back in the groove.

Ry is happy to be back in school.  He’s a fourth grader.  Where the heck did the time go?  There is an open house tomorrow night that I might be able to pop into because I don’t have class…  hmm.  He’s doing Karate and we are trying to see if swimming lessons will fit into the budget / schedule.  I can read while he’s swimming, just need to see if it’s too late to sign up.

Rob is hip deep in Fall Ball, which is just as bad as the regular Little League season.  I will have to tie him down for a date night soon so we can just hang out, gasp, together.  LOL  He is so good with the kids and it’s a passion for him.  It makes him happy and as I adore baseball I don’t resent it nearly as much as I could.

I am sticking to only one knitting project at the moment, Traveling Woman (the free version).  It’s been modified, because when can I not tweak, well unless I am test knitting.  I have started a sweater for my nephew, Link, which I hope to get done by Christmas but I am not going to pressure myself on it. 

Maybe I’ll get some pictures posted sooner than later.

Have been to the gym in far too long, but keeping my lost weight off and have probably lost a couple more pounds probably thanks to all the on campus walking.  I have to batteries for my pedometer and see what I walk on an average day. 

I am happy, busy and inspired.  Now I just need to learn how to get by on 4 – 6 hours of sleep like I used to in my late teens / early twenties. 


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