I’ve had an insane few months, and with Little League over, I am taking a few weeks off before the insanity begins again.

Next semester, starting Aug 29, I’ll be leaving my house at 7:30 in the morning and getting home between 7:30 & 10 PM, Monday through Wednesday.  Yikes, 4 classes in 3 days after work (only leaving work an hour early on Tuesdays).  But it also means I have an extra weeknight to do homework, unlike last semester where I took 3 classes over 4 days. 

So what am I contemplating?  Besides my sanity?

Well, first do I get my Bachelors and say I am done?

Or do I go for my Masters/PhD.?

If, I choose option B: 

Do I do stay at UCONN or move to Tempe AZ and go to ASU?

Then the question would be, If we stay here:

Stay put and commute an hour for school?

Or move to Danielson/Brooklyn and commute 35 minutes? (Which would make Rob’s commute to work also about 35 minutes.)

So there you  have it, the things that are running, running, running, through my head.

To stay calm, I am knitting or reading urban fantasy.  LOL  It’s all good.


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