Joined the gym today

I joined the gym. Can’t do much with it until after May 5th (after vacation & finals), simply not enough time. But I am very excited.

Will build new workout habits from May to late August. In hopes they are stuck when I start college up again in the fall. The gym is open from 4:30AM to 10PM, very doable, unlike my college gym (M-F 9-6). So fitness regeared and revved.

Membership includes 4 trainer sessions, which I definitely plan to use.

Shorter Term Goals:

  1. Consistent Workouts
  2. Daily Yoga/Meditation Practice

Long Term Goals:

  1. Pass Adult Fitness Test
  2. Complete Couch to 5K program
  3. Complete a Triathlon
  4. Fit into size 10/12 by age 40 (just over 2 years)
  5. Waist = 36 inches or smaller

Now to find flip flips, create a dedicated gym bag and get new work out sneakers before the 5th.


Resource Links:

Beginner Cycling Training Program

How to Go From Fat To Fit For Good

Fitness Goop


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