Life is nuts!

But I love it.  LOL

School is going well.  Three classes this semester.  Barring missing a bunch of classes and missing important notes… I should get high B’s all the way across.  I am hoping for an A or two if I can ace my finals.  Which means the end of this semester is in sight.  May 4th is the day of my last final.  Political Science, Anthropology & History.

No classes this summer. I plan to reconnect with my friends and my body.  Joining a gym is on the agenda, along with lots hangout time with old friends and new.  Backyard is getting prepped for entertaining and I have plans for my bucket garden.

Other news, we are on an aggressive savings plan to start looking to buy a house in the Summer 2012.  Had a great meeting with a local loan officer and a real estate agent this past Friday.  We know what we need to do.  w00t!  We would like to get into one of the less urban local towns with a good school system.

Little League season is about to start.  Which means hubby is neck deep in schedules, coaches, equipment and plans.  It’s all good, opening day is after my finals and I get to spend lots of time outside (and maybe get more knitting done during practices, LOL).

Rob and I went to Atlantic City for the weekend, a week ago.  The first time we left Ry home.  Fun.  Barely any gambling because it’s just not our thing, but we dropped a bit of money at the outlet shops (got new sneakers and a hoodie) and combed the beach for shells.  I will have pictures up on Flickr soon.  They are downloaded to laptop, just need to get them captioned and uploaded.  Maybe after class tomorrow.

Heading to Phoenix on the 15th to visit SIL and have a family vacation. Going to do Route 66, visit the zoo, hit a ball game, that sort of thing.

In other words, busy busy.  But I like it.


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