OMFG! What happened to 2010?

Well I can say this, I had no idea returning to school would be sooooo time consuming and instead of slowing down, I was insane and added another class.

Yes folks, I am working full time AND taking four (4) class, three (3) of which are 3000 level. 

Will I survive? Will I knit anything besides the slowly progressing Travelling Woman again? I don’t know.  But I will do my best. 

I have two hats to finish knitting and one afghan to sew in ends on to say my 2010 knitting is done.  But I “should” be able to do that by the time classes start in earnest on Jan 18th.

I have new pictures on Flickr. I want to get a few of them up on here with explanations, especially the stocking as apparently, I might have to replicate it a few (um read a dozen) times.  LOL  What do I get myself into?  And the sweater I knit for Rob which came out AWESOME!

Oh!  I also received a camera for Christmas, along with an iPad, so hoping that I can be a bit more portable about blogging during my little bits of down time between classes.

– Mini health goals:

15 minutes of yoga daily (I’d like to up this but baby steps)
green or fruit smoothie with coconut oil daily
hike, bike, hoop or 2+ miles with dog on Sundays

– Mini photography goals:

Take & upload 5 photos a week to blog
Take and post 1 photo of me a month to blog


That’s it.  No resolutions just working on what I have already been building over the last year.  And after much consideration decided to keep last year’s word – authenticity.

Digging to continue unburying the Authentic “Me.”


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