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Me and My Body

This week’s horoscope from Rob Brezsny’s http://freewillastrology.com really has me thinking and I feel encouraged to make that step to rededicate myself to my fitness quest.

The good news, I haven’t gained any weight.  The bad news, I haven’t lost any weight.

But if my theme for the past year+ has been true authenticity, I know I need to keep going and keep digging for me within me.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): This is an excellent time for you to revamp your relationship with your body. All the cosmic rhythms are aligned to help you. How should you go about it? The first thing to do is formulate your intentions. For example, would you like to feel more perfectly at home in your body? Would you revel in the freedom of knowing that the body you have is exactly right for your soul’s needs? Can you picture yourself working harder to give your body the food and sleep and movement it requires to be at its best? If you have any doubts about how to proceed, ask your body to provide you with clues.

Plan of attack:

1. Family Meal Plans
2. Daily Food Diary
3. Daily Yoga at 6:30
4. Buy sneakers and start couch to 5k on Oct 1.
5. Checking out college gym (hoping for a good rowing and/or elliptical machine) and
6. Use hula hoop, I just bought (got one for Ryne too)
7. Attack my closet, removing at least 1/2 my man clothes that aren’t Rob’s.

When I lose 50 pounds or go down 4 sizes, I am going to start my pirate knitting mermaid arm piece.

When I lose 100 pounds or go down 8 sizes, I am going to start my gargoyle thinker on books arm piece.

My life has been getting increasingly more insane. But I know I sleep better with more physical activity. And my lovely smart phone makes it easy to schedule down time / art time / writing time – other stress releasers I need to put on my calendar so I don’t neglect that area in my work, school and mommy schedules.


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