Had a wonderful if long weekend.

We had a wonderful weekend despite it’s odd moments.  Saturday morning we got up as usual.  Rob went up to the attic to check the bank accounts on the computer and print directions to a fest we attended.  Then coming down the stairs he fell.  Probably broke a toe and got a lovely cut on a finger from the snack shelf that used to live at bottom of stairs (completely mangled the shelf). 

He of course toughed it up.  I poked and prodded to make sure he wasn’t hiding too much pain.  He wanted to go.  So we hit the local beanery for coffee, breakfast & say hello to my knitting crew before we hit the road.  The man was determined to attend the fest. I did make him promise me if he needed it to hit the clinic at work. 

We attended Life is Good in Canton Mass. Got to see They Might Be Giants, Dan Zanes, Ozomatli, Donavon Frankenreiter, Dr. Dog, Grace Potter, Ziggy Marley & Ben Harper.  There are a couple I am missing, but they were more background music while we did other things at the fest.

It was a loverly day!  Then on Sunday, we went to Singapore Grill to help celebrate our friend Berta’s birthday over sushi.  MMMM… I have teriyaki chicken leftovers for lunch.


In other news.  I have RETURNED TO SCHOOL.  I am taking three classes this semester.  Intro to IT, Intro to Archaeology and Experiential Learning & Education.  It will be interesting to see how the next couple of semesters pan out – time, health, sanity and we’ll see if I can swing four classes a semester next year. 

Speaking of time & sanity:

Ryne has swimming lessons on Saturdays.

I still have knitting groups on Thursdays & Saturdays.

I still have writers group, 2nd Saturday of the month.

Rob is still actively involved with Little League.

We are waiting to hear if the local Kung Fu classes are going to start up again.

Ryne has talked about checking out the next town’s youth wresting program. 

Thankfully Rob can help with the afterschool activities on any day I feel I can’t handle it so no pressure there.


We are having our last picnic of the summer, so a bit of mad rushing to get house ship shape for the Summer’s Last Hurrah. 


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