Weirdnesses of Life

I doubt that weirdnesses is a word, but I like it and it works.

So my little 744 sq. ft. house is now home to 1 dad, 1 mom, 1 child, 1 dog, 1 grandmother and 1 uncle (and sometimes 1 nephew).  It’s been good so far, admittedly we just added Grandma last night.  So as long as my rules are obeyed… I can deal.  My rules, you ask?

No smoking indoors (and pick up butts)
No drunkenness in the house

I am the child of alcoholics and while I do partake in a drink or 2 a couple times a month, I have no tolerance what so ever for overindulgence.  This is one of the few areas of I very rigid in. 


Other weirdness, my favorite kitchen knife has wandered away.  Do you know how many knives we have gone through to find the right weight, right length, right feel?  I am not amused.  I am hoping it was borrowed and will find it’s way home but we are going over 2 weeks while it’s been on walk about.  Think I am going to have to see about replacing it.


Thursday of last week, I drove into work… I heard on the radio that a storm was moving our way from a couple towns over and I wanted to get into the office before it started.  I made it, that was the last “good” thing to happen.  Okay it wasn’t a really bad day other than watching lightening strike and learning that it fried our LAN, a couple phone ports and my computer’s network card.  There are several other computers here but mine gets toasted.  So for two days, I got to do other tasks instead of the bulk of my job.  It was a nice change of pace, actually but now I am making up for it.  Oh well.


Rob’s baby sister comes to visit in two weeks.  We are all pretty excited.  Should make the house that much cozier, but we’ll survive.  It was cute, she wanted to know if I still went to the coffee shop for knitting group.  She really liked it last time she visited.  So we’ll have her pop visiting us the day before they leave back to Phoenix.


Preparations for our first of two open houses we have each summer/fall.  The lists are made and more things are getting checked off instead of added at this point.  Should be fun.  I love watching the mixture of folk all mingling and seeing new friendships bloom. 


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