Quickie Update

I have started to keep a book list on my blog, (see the tabs at the top of page) if you are curious.  I am interested in seeing how much fun reading and how much brain stretching reading I am doing.  Although, I believe any reading is mind stretching, but I try to mix some non-fiction & literary work in between the bodice rippers, vampires, space ships, werewolves, oh my!

Not sure what is up with school.  I am STILL waiting for one transcript.  I call on a more than daily basis and leave messages.  UCONN has my unofficial transcript and I am all but admitted.  But nothing is official until that is done.  I am a tad frustrated.  I have a few classes to choose from but I doubt I’ll be doing accounting this year, since there were only 2 seats left when I spoke with my advisor.  I am 99% I am going to do the because I want to degree instead of the because I should degree.  I will be adding a few business courses to the mix just in case I do decide to go for a future MBA.  With all my transferring and my “weird” park management courses, I am only half way to a degree instead of 3/4 BUT I have all my Q’s done except for English 101.  I took an honors seminar and apparently I am getting the stink about it again.  It doesn’t seem to matter that I have taken other high level English classes, I am going to have to go through the process to get a waiver.

Phebe is still a crazy puppy.  We’ve gotten her spayed.  So that is off the check list.  I hope to get a cheapo camera soon to get back to my incessant picture taking. 

I’ve finished 2 sets of mittens & a hat.  I have been plugging away at Rob’s sweater and would really like to get it done before cooler weather, just need to find the yarn stash for it.  It’s in one of two places, just haven’t dug for it yet.


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