Birthday from heck…

Crazy crazy day. June 6th was my 37th birthday.

While my father was readying his camper in front of his house for a week’s stay at Camp Harkness, he was hit by a motorcycle. The driver apparently crossed the line, Dad was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. The bike clipped him sending him into a somersault, where he landed on the other side of the street. Thankfully a neighbor as talking to him while it happened so 911 was called immediately.

He had surgery, they put a rod in his broken leg. But he was his usual jokey self before going in. Just a couple stitches here and there where he got banged up. He’ll be in for a couple of days. Besides his leg, he seems to be in excellent shape. The triage staff were pleasantly surprised at how well he came through the accident compared to the other guy.

I was called by my brother while I was at Ryne’s game, just a couple blocks up the street.  I hung out at the hospital with Mom & Steve while we waited for the surgeon.  Then we came back briefly, visited when he was put into his room after recovery.

He is already home… hopping around with a walker.

What a day.  I will never forget this birthday.

I still owe myself a chocolate flourless cake and a couple pints of coconut milk ice cream. 😉


2 Responses

  1. I am so glad he’s ok! Do they take the rod out once the bone is healed?

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