WordPress.com vs Livejournal.com, camera suggestions & stuff

Life has been interesting.  Money’s tight but nothing has blown up.  (Yes, I am knocking on wood).  One more month and things will be a bit easier.  Every cent won’t need to be ruthlessly budgeted. 

The challenge, Rob and I are both on vacation together for the first time in over three years.  Ryne is off from school too!  A family vacation with no extra cash.  Oh well.  We are trying very hard to scrape the money together for 1. new ink (matching to commemorate 10 years of marriage on the 25th. and 2.  three CityPasses for Boston for a day up there.

The puppy is growing like crazy.  Chews & LICKS everything.  Ruined more than one shoe and chew toys often only last a week.  But we have housetraining down pat.  Just need to get her stubborn but to obedience school. 

We are still looking for options to get her spayed. We simply can’t afford to fix her for $300 when I have a windshield (cracked when bought car) and a universal joint to replace.  We can probably do the car repair with my dad’s supervision, but the glass estimates keep going up instead of down.

Wow… didn’t expect all that to come out.  Lucky you.


I am trying to find a web client that will also cross post my entries to both WordPress.com and LiveJournal.  Semagic is out.  It’s too hard to switch between the two without extra steps.  I am playing with Windows Live Writer.  I like the functionality so far.  I think it’s going to take some plug in tweaking but if it’s easy to switch between WP& LJ to post to both, I may stick with it.

In other news, my camera is dying.  When it does work, it often takes 20 seconds from the push of the button until it takes a picture… and you know how well 6 month old puppies and 8 year old boys stay still.  LOTS of blurry pictures.  So I am on the search for a megazoom point & shoot that is comparable to the Sony DSC-H10 (no longer made).  I wasn’t impressed with the feel of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H20 (which they don’t make anymore either).  Anyone have experience with the Kodak Z980, Nikon P100 or Panasonic FZ35?  Finding a non-clunky under $350 camera that actually takes decent outdoor, macro &/or continuous still mode pictures is proving hard.

That’s it for now… going to see if this works.


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