First stuff.

We have a dog!!!!!

Her name is Phebe.  She also goes by Phebes.  Full name Phebe Persphone Lee.

I can’t seem to get pictures to work… so you can find her here.

Walking her has helped get my butt moving in the moring.  My pants are doing the slidey thing around the waist already.


The gluten free / dairy free things is HARD.  I do well for days and then time constraints or cravings slam me every time.  I need to come up with some new salty non-perishable snack ideas for the office besides nuts.

Waiting for some water kefir grains to try my hand at coconut water kefir to replace my beloved greek yogurt. The soy and coconut yogurts that are available to me are too icky sweet.

Cheese is a toughy too… but that is because I haven’t been able to experiment with vegan cheeses yet.  On list for trips to Trader Jacks & Whole Foods – about an hour away.

My other downfall seems to be bread.  I need to just bite the bullet and mail order some tortillas and flat bread.  I can use my bread maker for other needs but these are too labor intensive.  I’d be in the kitchen all day on Sunday baking and with nice weather coming, I want to be out in the yard playing, gardening or hiking with the dog at Bluff Point, Haley’s Farm, Harkness or Stenger Farm.


Been high engery lately… but achey.  Oh so achey.  Weird.  But moving through it.  Trying to carefully stretch and do.


2 Responses

  1. She’s cute!
    Do you take her to the dog park in Norwich? Now that it’s getting warm, I need to bring Eowyn there, though I’ll still walk her all over Bozrah.
    My resolution this year was to cut most gluten and dairy based foods out of my diet – if I have a little it doesn’t bother me much, physically or philosophically. It’s so hard to get every little bit out.

  2. Cute puppy! Congrats on the new addition to the family!

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