Having a bit of a rough day today.

I’ve been without melatonin for several days and it’s starting to catch up. The super OMFG late night on Friday (bedtime was 5 AM Sat.) has completely done me in. Did I know this could happen? Of course, but sometimes you just need to hang out and be there until the end of the night, you know?

So I can’t get melatonin until Saturday. On the up side, at least I am sleeping… just can’t seem to stay down after 3-4 and am sorely missing those 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Sat, Sun & Mon weren’t to bad… but I feel it setting in today. So instead of cooking chicken tonight, we’ll be eating last night’s left overs and I’ll be going to bed early hoping that I can get a bit more sleep. Even if I wake at 3, if I am in bed & asleep by 7/8, it will be almost a full night’s sleep.

GFCF Flour Tortillas


One Response

  1. Ugh. Good luck with tonight’s schedule. Hopefully going to bed so early won’t result in you being up at 1am instead of 3-4am.

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