Who knew?

Over the last few weeks of food experimenting – several days of wheat &/or dairy free followed by giving in to cravings or laziness… I’ve come to a couple of observations that make be go crap I am on the right path and need to stop eating that stuff. LOL

My tummy issues may not be long term results of the peptic ulcer I had years ago thanks to long term use of Ibuprofen & Naproxen.

Like clock work, I can gauge how “bad” I’ve been within 30-45 minutes of eating contraband. Straight to tummy issues.

  • Wheat must go
  • Dairy must go, but suspect will be able to eat small amounts (i.e. don’t have to freak out about something sauteed in butter)
  • Fried foods should be avoided a bit more than I do now.

Up way too late on Friday night, okay it was after 5 AM Saturday morning before I got home and crawled into bed.

Crazy fun time, despite emotional ending (but that was good & cleansing too.) And I made a couple realizations from that evening too.

I need to dance more. I’ve gotten way too uncomfortable with how my body moves and frankly I don’t like it. I whined about dancing and I didn’t like who I was at that moment.
I need to hang out with my girl friends more. I need it emotionally and spiritually.
I need to sing for me, not worry about anyone else but my joy in the act of singing. (Cuz I can’t hear myself well so I am off, but who cares… really?)

Note to self add Kelliianna, Alice DiMicele (especially Circle of Women), Carol Weaver & Spiral Rhythm to iTunes for a bit of variety.


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