The Plan

Yes the plan to a healthier me…

What do I need to do? To help my body do it’s thing. This is my plan, what I’ve learned that works for me in the past, along with some experimenting to squish more good stuff in.

1. Diet (as in dietary, not calorie counting, per se…)

  • Week 1 & 2 – removing wheat from diet.
  • Weeks 3 & 4 – removing dairy (oh my cheese). At least I’ve found coconut milk products & almond milk for yogurt & morning cuppa.
  • Weeks 5 & 6 moving to 80/20 raw.

Plan = healthier me.

2. Exercise

  • Rising at 6:30 M-F (8:00 at latest on Saturday) for morning yoga stretches.
  • Create a fitness space (whether living room, attic or basement – not sure) by Feb. 1
  • Incorporate hooping, tae bo, belly dancing & stationary cycling (hopefully rowing & roller blading too, but need equipment) into a diverse and fun routine

I will weigh myself once on 1/16/10 and then I am not going to weigh myself again until 6/21/10. Hoping to get Rob to help me with pictures. And want measurements for: Waist, Hip, Upper Arm & Thigh.

I’ve moved from a 26 to a 20/22, now I want to move to a 14/16, in other words, an XL in Misses instead of trying to shop in Womens.

3. Recipes to try

Peanut Butter Quinoa Cookies
Seafood Gumbo
Vietnamese Chicken Pho
Golden Lentil Stew
Sunflower Seed Falafel
GF 30 minute Flatbread

4. Creativity

Personal challenge: Three Sundays out of 4 (4 for 4 is good but I understand life happens) I will set aside 2-4 hours to try something new. Not knitting, not reading but something else cool.


Playing with dip pens
Work on my lettering
Work with new zentangle techniques
Photography (still lfe)
Photography (nature)
Photography (people / action)
Sew Napkin & Place mat (mini quilts) sets
Sew a new quilt top
Trying my hand at clothing reconstruction
Beading (jewelry)

5. Household

While I think this location is temporary, I have a strong desire to make it mine.

This spring/summer I want to paint most of house, might skip kitchen.
Get curtains up.
Build on skullie theme in kitchen.
Find the perfect couch for living room (and a chair or two)
Get a matching bedroom furniture set (queen bed for more room) & decorate
Get Ryne’s room’s theme figured out & painted


2 Responses

  1. will you keep an on-line ‘diary’ of the raw diet. i’m interested in it but i have NO ideahow to go about it. i know i eat an unhealthy diet and i need to make major changes.

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