I feel ick…

Five days essentially GFCF… I am not to the point of worrying about hidden gluten in spices or things like that but I cut the obvious dairy and wheat – Monday – Friday. Then consciously blew new diet at Ronni’s enjoying her yummy baked goods and then again at Jimmy’s eating a half dozen homemade egg rolls. This morning I had a Chai which has has milk in it.

My tummy is extremely unhappy with me, has been since yesterday afternoon and now head is getting “full.” I had actually skipped my allergy pills a couple day. Just took it and hope it helps.

Well, I have some proof for myself, that my body is happier without the dairy & wheat.

Course, I plan to break the diet again this coming Friday & Saturday. I will just have to live with the consequences, but after that… we are going to start getting serious and see if we can rid this body of GERD and cut back on sinus issues.

Interesting experiment…

Finding what I want grocery-wise (except for Vegan cheese) locally so far. Have a couple more places to check out, before I start traveling more than 5 miles out of my way for “specialty” items.


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