Health Update

A while ago… when she was several months pregnant, I decided to make an appointment with my friend Dr. Kendra Becker, she is a naturopath. We chatted a bit and she sent me off to the lab for a bazillion tests.

So I got nine vials of blood taken… insurance covered way more than I expected, woohoo. And Kendra had her baby. (Dom is a cutie!)

This past Tuesday we finally got to sit down talk it all over and make a plan.

Good news – thyroid fine (was a little worried about this one), no rheumatoid, no cholesterol issues, no tree nut allergies.

But I am a bit anemic (not surprised), borderline hypoglycemic (usually have issues with that test, but when I do the more involved one everything is normal), have inflammation issue (no kidding) and I am allergic to wheat & dairy (again no surprise, but didn’t want to hear it)…

That does this all mean? I get to go on some supplements (Vitamins D & B12, iron & trying glycine to help with sleep patterns – which is added to Fish Oil, Magnesium & BCQ which I am already on) and I get to cut gluten & casein from my diet.

This is going to be good. I cut carbs (my biggest food crutch) and I drop weight like water. But oh, cutting out milk. This is going to be hard. I’ve done it before, when Ryne was nursing. So hard. But instead of finding substitutes, I think I am going to be some replacing.

One thing I definitely want to try is making my own coconut water kefir.

So boys and girls, it looks like my recipes posted and listed here will be taking a bit of a curve as I work on cutting out bread & pasta and Greek yogurt & cheese.

I think my bread maker will get dusted off… pizza dough, maybe find a gluten free tortilla recipe.

Also think Sundays have to go back to being a food prep day like it used to be in my college days.

Hoping this move into more conscious eating, I am hoping to get back into the practice of daily exercise. Totally and completely off that wagon, pffft.


And on that note we are thinking of rescuing a dog or two this holiday season. Just want my ducks in a row (thorough house declutter & clean, dog crate(s) & waste management plan) before we make that leap.

Landlord is fine with dogs, but not cats. Weird but true.


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