Oh boy…

I realized it was July that I’d last logged in here.  Oh dear.

Totally fell off the wagon and completely dumped that summer challenge I made for myself.

I could blame moving, but honestly just stopped exercising. And then slowing stopped journaling food and then finally falling back into bad habits, including the dreaded midnight snacking.

I think I’ve gained 15-20 pounds from my personal low of 220.  But I need to double check that, since I haven’t been on a scale in months either.  But since I am back to a size 20/22 I think I am pretty close.

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Note to self:  Try to take some dreadlock pictures this week so I can chronicle 6+ month mark.  Has it really been that long?  Let’s see they were put in April 18th, I guess it has.


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  1. i’m looking more into sparkpeople….

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