We do have a meal plan this week… I just never got it posted here.

Sunday – Leftovers & last of BBQ meats (had a BBQ on Saturday – lots of leftovers)
Monday – Leftovers
Tuesday – Zucchini Cakes
Wednesday – Taco Pie
Thursday – Quesadillas or Noodles
Friday – Beer Boiled Shrimp & Pasta
Saturday – ??? There are a few options in the freezer & pantry. I think it depends on what is in my last CSA share pick up on Thursday.


Cottage Cheese Pufflets
Rachel’s Homestyle Baltimore Crab Cakes


I am still trying to figure out what I really want to do with this blog. It’s gone through a few incarnations in the last 4.5 years – including personal essays, reading log, photo sharing, recipe log.

I know I want to record my fitness quest with more photos (course I need a photographer for that). And I know I will continue to gather recipes cuz I really like food, hehe.

I am hoping with cooler weather and my office space coming together, I’ll do more personal journaling (I do really miss it) and crafting & arting documentation.

I know I haven’t been using my camera as much as I like because I have been obsessing with what I don’t like about it, instead of working around that and just getting over it.

Maybe it’s time to do The Artist’s Way again or something similar… maybe look into an on-line journal seminar.

Looking into starting a local writing group, hoping that will kick me in the butt. Also trying to find someone to transcribe the mess that is both my first & second novels so I can finish them and submit or move on.


One Response

  1. i have the artists way…. well… Marlene is borrowing it.
    BUT.. i Do have the vein of gold and walking in the woods.
    I need to get into a writing group. lemme know how that works out. remember, i can only commit to once a month.
    Good luck! (and if you want to borrow my books, just let me know!)

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