The ups & downs of meal plans…

So what happens when we get a bumper crop of tomatoes on a hot Monday and I don’t feel like melting in the kitchen? We ignore the meal plan and have tomato & mayo sandwiches.

But I did make the Angel Hair & Meatballs last night. (and ate the leftovers for lunch)

And tonight, I sort of combined the Black Bean Couscous Salad and Chicken Breasts & sauteed Escarole.

There is still two pounds of escarole in the fridge, but one less summer squash and one less zucchini. We had Chicken Breasts (marinaded overnight in olive oil, adobo, basil & chicken seasoning), Mushroom Couscous & steamed squash. (with leftovers for lunch – well no couscous, I have a tad bit of angel hair though)

Very pretty, very tasty, just wish the kitchen was cooler. Note to self, need small A/C for kitchen. Actually we need 3 or 4 more units for normal summer weather. Luckily most of this summer was cooler.

I usually don’t cook on Thursdays… so we’ll see what happens, although I am thinking with 4 tomatoes in the fridge and another 2 or 3 ready to come off the vines, I may slice some of the fresh mozzarella and risk the temps of using the broiler. Wish I had a toaster oven.

This Friday is payday and we usually go out. Thinking seafood or Mexican.

This weekend, will be doing the zucchini cakes and maybe the meatloaf, the later depends on next week’s meal plan/grocery adventure.


Note to self: May want to get another pair of kitchen shears. My wrist does NOT like it when I rip open packages.


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