What’s up with me…

If you don’t follow me on Facebook and could care less about Twitters (which I am no longer posting here since they are on my Facebook) …

I am doing well. I have kinda gone into one of my holding pattern modes. But I don’t feel stagnant, just on the verge of something. Don’t know what but it’s interesting all the same.

School – nothing new, need to scrape together the $75 to apply & get credits evaluated. I WILL start school after the holidays of this year.
Weight – no lose, no gain. Completely fallen off the SparkPeople wagon. I definitely do my best when I am journaling my food intake.
Exercise – let lots of things get in way – biopsy stitches, sprained wrist, arthritis diagnosis – time to figure out new routine, just because I can’t do planks doesn’t mean I can’t get moving daily. A rug in living room would be nice too.
Health – have had more good days than bad, even with new arthritis diagnosis in left wrist. Going to a naturopath on the first to get tested for gluten issues & other food sensitivities.
Crafting – slowed down on knitting. I can no longer hold sock needles for any great length of time. So been crocheting a lot and re-evaluating knit wish list
Gardening – only have 3 tomato plants and a couple mint plants. Have plans for next year.
House – 95% moved in and settled. Mostly just need to get attic space together. Been to icky to do any labor intensive stuff so it’s sitting. May attack this weekend in the cooler evenings.
Reading – voraciously, mostly urban fantasy, young adult fantasy with a cozy mystery, romance, meditation, foodie book thrown into the mix

I am hoping to:

1. Get back into regular blogging.
2. To work more on my tags.
3. Hire someone to transcribe my manuscripts to see if I can get the writing bug back if I am not rereading the same text for the quintillionth time and only transcribing the first 20 pages for the dozenth time.
4. Work on getting up early again so Ryne and I can get used to a new school year routine.
5. Look through bags and see if I have a wider strapped bag. I’d like to carry my camera everywhere again. But need a better bag that doesn’t bite into shoulder when it gets too heavy.


2 Responses

  1. Good to see you posting again. 🙂

  2. ::hugs you so tight:: Hi you!

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