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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): It’s Fete Your Feet Week, Gemini. Your soles definitely need more attention, pampering, and contact with nature. (So does your soul, and hopefully that will happen as you carry out the more literal assignment.) So abstain from wearing your shoes and socks at every opportunity. Get as much contact as possible between your naked feet and the naked earth. Even walking unshod on floors and pavements could prove helpful. Foot massages are advisable, as well as pedicures, henna tattoos, and foot baths. Try praying with your feet instead of your hands, and see if you can get someone to kiss and adore you down there.



I am rather amused by this horoscope because I was just thinking to myself that I owe myself a pedicure and foot focus time. LOL I LURVE being barefoot and that means I need pretty feet. So time to smooth these babies out.

Anyhoo, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you already know…. but if not, here you go.

The stitches are out and tumors are benign.

I still have to be watchful though, I have quite a few of them (spindle cell lipomas) and they like to turn up internally too, which can cause issues. But I am happy, no more wondering.

But I forgot to mention my sore wrist while I was there. Now I have to decide if I want to make another appointment (miss more work) or hit the health center in the evening (possible higher bill). Got a migraine last night to postponed the decision another day.

Attic is 80% done, well phase one is 80% done. We put up a moisture barrier which is also acting as a “keep in the fiberglass layer” until the landlord buys the sheet rock/plasterboard. Will post pictures as soon as 1. I find my camera 2. I replace our battery charger.

We seem to be on track for our BBQ shindig this weekend.

I am no longer hoping for sunshine, just no rain (not that sunshine isn’t wonderful… it’s just been so long since we’ve seen it). Lots of cleaning to do (which is going to be a joy with a sore wrist, but eh…) and a bit of grocery shopping. But it’s all good.


2 Responses

  1. Ugh. I didn’t know you were wondering about anything, but I’m very glad to hear they were benign! Hope the wrist feels better soon!

  2. yeah, i’ll forgo the sunshine for no rain too….
    i hope tomorrow is as good as it’s supposed to be….*crosses fingers*
    and, i dunno about next week, i hope we can get a beach day in!!

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