Recipes and babbling…

I am kind of surprised there were no response to yesterday’s blog. Oh well… it is ultimately up to me anyway.

When I get achy, I tend to eat more… a comfort response, maybe. I try to be especially conscious of this. I also notice that I crave salty & spicy foods. The last few days have been especially achy and that is exasperated by my sore shoulder (right) and sore wrist (left).

It’s been a rough few days, cranky moods, major fatigue and just clumpy, clumsy moving. I found a couple yoga routines for tennis elbow and will try then out this weekend.

Found a really interesting recipe today and thought I’d post it here.

Chicken Xacuti

And since I listed that one, I am sure I’ll find others.

Quinoa with Summer Vegetables
Lentil Salad with Green Olives, Red Bell Pepper, Green Onion & Greek Oregano


3 Responses

  1. Actually, increased stress (pain counts – we’re talking physiological stress here, which is a big category) leads to both a larger appetite, and generally craving richer foods, wanting to sleep more, etc. etc.

  2. My joints were killing me over night. I haven’t noticed a specific craving when this happens. I could see spicy food though, definitely.

  3. I read it, and thought I responded! *flips back and fixes*
    I know that when I’m hurt, upset or don’t feel well I tend to eat more of the food I grew up on, most of which falls into the “delicious but not good for you” category. I think that’s true of everyone, hence the “drowning your sorrows in Ben & Jerry’s” scenario after a breakup.
    Spicy food is the best!

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