Brain A whirling

Having one of my I CAN DO ANYTHING moments.

Which, of course, I absolutely can…

But my brain, oh my brain, wants to do EVERYTHING NOW.

I really, really want to do an herbal correspondence course. I have wanted to forever and I have heard good things about Susan Weed and I think that is the one I want to do (Rosemary Gladstar is a close second).

BUT, I need to get my ass back to school… but do I finish my BS (passion) – Environmental Science/Botany/Biochemistry or do I finish up with a BA in Organization Leadership which is much more practical for where I am in my life.



So current goal:

Get all shit together to start a class or two via Charter Oak State College where I can get my BA in Organizational Leadership or Management completely on-line. Thus getting one practical goal done and over with.

Must find forms to get transcripts to the school and see what will transfer. Although, I can’t imagine what won’t besides maybe Wilderness EMT training and the silviculture/SFM classes.


Of course, I don’t know how well this will nurture my creative soul, but my brain will be happy.

I have story ideas festering, but no desire to type them out, maybe I need a collaborator to keep me on track.

I have the itch to tie dye, yarn dye, spin, make paper and other crafty outlets… but as yet no space until we can get plans for attic nailed down (and Dad hopefully doesn’t back pedal on promise to help).

Goodness, I am such a Gemini, it’s disgusting.


And I missed my blogiversary again. Four years on May 15th.


4 Responses

  1. I am excited to hear you are going back to school. Both majors sound exciting. I am still trying to push myself to write with no luck. I wasn’t around yesterday. Sorry I missed this post.

    • Oh no worries. I am always getting behind.
      But I usually get a response when I blog even if it’s a local friend mentioning it. Even if it’s, “I saw your blog today.”
      I am hoping the nicer weather coming, a deck & a laptop will get me outside and tapping away a bit this summer in the evenings. We’ll see.
      Whatever degree I decide on, I will be sure to take a creative writing class or two. I am also gonna look for a physical writing group that I mesh with. The two that I’ve witnessed don’t work for me. LOL

  2. Good for you for having goals! Nobody says you can’t do both, btw.

    • Oh I will… eventually, it’s the challenge to time… time for family, time to recharge (health), time for self (soul)…
      I’ll just keep moving forward and see what happens.

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