My trip to the doctor’s office…

I saw the doctor Ryne usually sees and it was pretty interesting. He’s an D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) instead of an M.D. and I really like him (thus why Ryne regularly sees him).

We talked a bit about the keratosis pilaris on my arms and some options to deal with it without meds.

We also chatted about several neurofibromas that I have. I am actually going to have one removed and one biopsied in a week and a half to make sure things are fine.

And on top of all that, I apparently have tennis elbow in my left arm. I think it’s because I was babying my right shoulder (which is often sore) during the move and overworked the elbow.

Talked about my weight and my goals. Switched up my allergy meds. Updated my 2 other prescriptions.

Despite the fact I have to go back for the biopsy, it was all good. I am in fairly good health for being on the lower edge of being morbidly obese. If I loose my usual summer 20, I’ll be out of that range. And if I ramp it up (regular workouts, food journal, 75/25 raw) as planned… well it’s all good.


3 Responses

  1. I will cheer you on! That sounds like a good report. What is this you are having removed?

    • I have a bunch of these little (hopefully) benign tumors that have been multiplying over the last ummmm… five years.
      Two years ago, we thought eh. They aren’t growing, nothing new.
      But last two years there are a few new ones and two are growing so one is getting removed and the other is getting biopsied. Just to make sure things are still eh.

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