***Warning Rant and Profanity***

I am so fucking upset at AT&, no upset is to mild… ripping mad ape shit is more appropriate.

So to begin my saga… we started the move over the weekend of May 1st. I dealt with all the utiltiies on the same day – gas, electric and phone. The first two were seamless, no delays, no snags, no issues.

I knew AT&T was going to be a problem from the start. They couldn’t switch the service less than 7 days out, so the move didn’t get done until the 4th.

Now get this, I can’t just say move everything I have exactly as I have it to my new address. No, I have to completely start over. And I can’t even call to move internet until phone is actually working. Frustrated, but take it in stride. Three calls down.

May 4th – no voicemail service. May 5th – no voicemail service. May 6th – no voicemail service. May 7th – no voicemail service, but talk to someone in the repair department. It’s not a repair issue. Dumbass Number 2 didn’t put in the damn order. Get that resolved 4 hours later we have voicemail.

May 8th, I get my phone bill on line, look it over as I always do. I see that I wasn’t charged for indoor line maintenance service nor was I charged for internet (if you didn’t know you are charged for most utilities for the following month not for service rendered). So I call up to find out what is going on. Get the line maintenance added to services and double check on DSL. According to their records it’s all set, should be on. So get transferred to DSL Repair. Then starts the unplug modem… is it connected to computer … is it plugged in correctly… and so on. Work ticket number one.

No call back by the 11th, call DSL maintenance. Ticket was closed (no reason given). I cut them off… saying we’ve already unplugged and replugged and it is connected correctly. They test line, something is wrong. Work ticket #2. Nothing for another couple of days. Call back… same deal, work ticket number fucking 3. I give them, 2 days again. It’s now the 16th I am ripping mad. I get testy with the gal I got ahold of. She puts me into dispatch to have repair guy come. They can be at the house at time between 8 & 8 on Tuesday. I nix that because there is no way I am staying home for these idiots. So the appointment is set for Saturday the 23rd anytime between 8 & 5.

Now get this, I get home from cleaning the apartment (it’s done by the way) and there is a voicemail waiting for me from DSL maintenance. From reviewing my file, apparently there was no order submitted to move the internet, remember Dumbass #2? …I so wish I got her fucking name. I need to call the business office, which of course closed at 7. It was 7:10.

So I call this morning… ready for this.

They still need to disconnect the DSL service to Montauk (where there has been no phone service since the 4th) and this can’t be done until Tuesday because Monday is a holiday. And then, and only then can they put in an order to start internet on Vauxhall. This will happen on Wednesday or Thursday.

I FUCKING HATE AT&T. And if I had any choice, I would drop them completely. When she had the gumption to ask if I’d change my cell to AT& T, I said never in a million years, reason – customer service sucks.

I wouldn’t be half as pissed as I am now if any one of the dozens and I do mean dozens (most of my calls involved 2 – 4 people) caught this closer to the beginning. Over 3 weeks and hours of time wasted. Completely and utterly wasted.


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  1. I so feel your pain, this must be one of those universal truths. We moved the 9th of April (and this is in Australia lol) and had pretty much the SAME f*cking thing happen to us. We ended up telling our provider to eff off and going with a new one because even though the original guys said ‘no problem’, it turned out they could not even SUPPLY dsl service here!

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