Mental Health Day

Took today off… went back to bed after I dropped Ryne off at school. Oh it was heavenly to get a few extra hours of needed sleep.

So here I am at B&L eating lunch, using the net & have a pleasant time, well… wasting time.

We still have about 2-3 hours of work to be done with the apartment, just didn’t quite make it last night. We could have pushed through, but we were getting tired and snippy and Ryne needed to get bathed before bed. He was late, but not too late.

Will be done tonight, game was canceled again so no worries there. Mopping, dusting and gathering a few bits of this and that. We filled 2 of the cities huge garbage cans with crap and have 5 or 6 lawn bags of clothes to drop off for Goodwill or whatever. But it’s all mostly done. It’s a relief. We can be somewhat leisurely about what is left tonight. Woohoo. Of course, we still need to empty the trailer and figure out where to put everything at the new place.

The tattoo is done and healing (itchy & sore) and gorgeous. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures to share. They pix got saved to the camera instead of the memory card… weird. And the batteries were so dead that I didn’t have a chance to see if I could transfer them to the card. Plus, we STILL don’t have internet at home. I am a bit beyond pissed at this point. So will get them up as soon as I can. Besides having issues showing it off, I am beyond happy with it. I had a great experience, would highly recommend either Stacey (my artist) or Blaze (got to watch her work) of Spirit Gallery. Yes, I can see how this could become an addiction, I have a half dozen ideas that have brewing for years that I can’t wait until I can make them realities. Although this tattoo will be my most public.

We are most likely postponing our open house, way too many boxes and piles and not enough hiding places. LOL


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  1. I am glad you are getting settled. I want to see the ink when you do finally get a chance to share. It sounds like a good day off. I need to do a purge in our house. I miss you. I know we don’t talk much. I have been thinking about you lately though. It is good to read this post. ::hugs you tight::

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