It’s been an insane couple of weeks.

Why? Hello… I am moving with little notice. LOL

We are still only half way moved. When it’s not raining we are at work or Little League practice. And since Rob is the coach it’s not like we can skip practice. We have a great group of kids and parents. It’s been a blast and I am enjoying the new friends I am making.

Living at new place but without my bed or living room furniture and other stuff.

The apartment is trashed… and the house is sparse.

No internet at the house yet… so haven’t had a chance to load pictures.

We are planning on having an open house the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. A) Because I haven’t seen many of my friends in weeks & B) Because we can… LOL

Also, if anyone is looking for a 2BR in New London (sorry no pets) for a very reasonable rent with electricity included (but you have to pay gas – hot water & oil – heat) let me know. My AWESOME, attentive, flexible landlord is hoping to turn the apartment over quickly and I said I’d get the word out.


4 Responses

  1. What’s the rent on the apartment? I may know someone who might be interested.

  2. depending on when the bbq is… not sure if we can make it.
    Marlene invited us camping…
    we might be able to do both. Not sure yet… i’m not much of a camper…LOL

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