Pros & Cons of Moving


  1. Across the street from parents
  2. $200 more a month for rent
  3. 744 feet living area
  4. Crotchety, nosy, trespassing, whiny old man for next door neighbor
  5. No dining room, so no place for my big beautiful table
  6. Have to put up plastic or drywall before we could use attic for office/craft room
  7. Small closets
  8. Small bathroom
  9. Bedroom would just barely hold our bed, nothing else
  10. Did I mention only 744 Feet of “finished” living area?
  11. Chest freezer wouldn’t fit in kitchen
  12. Large yard to maintain


  1. Across the street from parents
  2. Excellent neighborhood, with good mix of younger people (our age) and older folk (my folks age and older)
  3. There is an attic with electricity & easy to finish for desk and craft supplies
  4. Dry basement with washer dryer hookups and some cabinets (read: No more driving to laundromat) and Mom is giving us her washer
  5. Dry basement where we could make a yucky weather play area for Ryne
  6. 16 x 25 foot wooden deck
  7. Large yard to play & garden in
  8. We can have a dog
  9. No downstairs neighbor, so who cares if Ryne runs from one end of the house to the other at 10 PM
  10. No upstairs neighbor, so we don’t need to listen to 2yo run from one end of the house to the other at 10 PM
  11. Off street parking that comfortably holds 3 cars, we wouldn’t have any neighbors complaining that we are hogging the driveway
  12. Don’t have to climb 1.5 flights of stairs with groceries

Caveats of the 744 Feet of “finished” living area

  • More than a third of what we would lose is the dining room/office which would essentially be moved to attic.
  • Much of the 1344 in our apartment, is designed weirdly with funky cut out and big windows which don’t allow this or that to be put there. Case in point 50% of my kitchen space is under utilized because there isn’t enough wall space to put anything.

6 Responses

  1. Hmmmm
    that’s a hard decision.
    I am not sure i could live under 1000sqft (I just have too much)
    but, you can have a dog…. and, i know how much Ryne wants a pet.
    And…. a washer and dryer. You need that.
    Tough call.

  2. #12 of the pros for the win for me!

  3. I know how creative you are. I am guessing that you could make the basement and attic work for storage space as well.

    • I know we could make it work.
      The question is… is it worth it?
      It definitely has issues, but the benefits.
      Rob and I will have to have a good heart to heart. I am hoping he comes up with his own pros/cons.

  4. I’ve been very behind in LJ and am still in the process of catching up, so please forgive a stupid question: Is this to rent, or to purchase?
    If it’s to purchase, I’d say go for it! This is an excellent time to buy a house.
    If it’s to rent, well…. how “unfinished” is the basement? A nice dry basement can be a surprisingly good living area, even without drywall and vinyl floors. Put down a couple of area rugs and make a few inexpensive fabric screens to define areas, and you can have a very nice craft room, play room, and storage room down there. The chest freezer and off-season clothes can go in the storage room.

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