Car Stuff – Round 2

We now have 3 opinions that the engine is seized…  Argh!

I mean, we could have scraped together a few hundred to repair something, but to buy an engine for a piece o’crap worth less than $1500…

Of course, the seller didn’t get back to us last night… My hope is that he’d buy it back for even a fraction of what we bought it for.  Then move on from there as a bad move.

No idea what we will do other than see if we can find another piece o’crap or sink ourselves into a buy here, pay here situation… because my folks are going to be even less helpful this time.  I’d feel better with a bit of cash to put as a down payment just not sure how much I am going to scrape together.

My tattooist was really nice about moving my appointment so there is some money there and I can wrangle bills a bit without making anything late. 

We just can’t go 2 weeks again without a car… it just not possible for us to do it with our jobs in one. 


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