What’s New With You?

Life has been pretty quiet of late… besides the recent Girl’s Night Out that is. LOL You have to be on Facebook to see pictures. I didn’t take any but I was tagged in a bunch.

Garden is in limbo, not a long limbo… just couldn’t get seeds this past weekend with my check being late and needing a car battery.

Tattoo is moving along… I have a rough sketch and will pick colors on the 4th. Have a pretty clear idea in my mind.

Smoothies are going … eh … at the moment. No I haven’t gotten sick of them. More my ingredients lately haven’t made me happy. We are doing a pantry clearing couple of weeks so that is part of it… no greens, no juice, no multiple fruit choices. We bought a bag of mixed fruit from BJs… rather ick. Lots of unripened fruit. Been trying to mask that almost bitter flavor with varying degrees of luck. I don’t want to toss it because I have 4+ pounds of go. But will not buy again. It’s sad that WalMart has the best variety for frozen fruit better than Stop & Shop, Big Y & Shop Rite.

I should have pictures of my Wyvern sock soon. Almost done with first one 1.5 repeats (although I am not going to bind off, in case I have more yarn to do more repeats for a taller sock). Will immediately cast on second sock. Going well, very portable… course would be better if I could memorize the lace pattern, grrrr… Speaking of lace patterns, I’ve got to laugh at myself, as I have been reading them wrong for years. Got the bottom to top, but didn’t get the right to left. At least, my patterns have all been symmetrical to this point. Goodness, I crack myself up.

I suspect a crafty weekend if the run around part and work on Sunday part go smoothly. I want to make some paper globes, work on a Treasure Map and do some other things that are whirling around my head.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Please do not snort meth in a hot-air balloon with fake Peruvian shamans as you fly to a secret CIA fortress where you put on a mask and play strip poker with high-ranking members of the conspiracy to create one world government. APRIL FOOL! There’s no way you’ll be invited to a whacked-out spectacle like that. Your wildness does in fact need expression, but it will be perfectly satisfied with less whacked-out adventures that are healthy for you and leave no messes in their wake. Monitor yourself for any urges you may feel to seek out over-the-top melodramas.



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