Hella Good

Woke up pretty well this morning. No major urge to hide under the covers.

For some reason, I decided to jump on the scale. Then I got off it and got on it again. Then I moved it to the kitchen (floor is more level) and got on it again. Um… wow! Lost 15+ pounds in 6.5 weeks.

I think I knew it, my last pair of favorite jeans where doing the slip way down and tug up all day thing, like my old pants were.

The good news is I need new jeans, the bad news is I need new jeans. I HATE trying on clothes…

This weight loss journey has been so different.

I am dropping sizes / inches in some places and not in others. My boobs, no loss. Yes, I do want loss there.

I want to be able to buy non-Plus clothes, at the rate I am going, I’ll be out of Plus pants this Fall but still in Plus shirts. Boooooo! But then again… that has really been my goal, getting my waist back under 36 inches. LOL

I need new measurements, maybe some photos for personal documentation. Will make sure that happens this weekend.


One Response

  1. Woohoo! Congrats!
    Erm, that weight you lost? I found it. It’s currently hiding around my midsection. I’ll find someone skinny to forward it to. 🙂

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