I have a pen fetish…

There I admitted it.

It has been a long time since I’ve REALLY indulged it. Rob thinks me whining about crappy disposable pens and trying another pen from Target or Staples is the full degree of my pen love. Little does he know there is a whole other level that I have carefully hidden for years. No more! LOL

My current pen wish list:

Lamy Safari 2007 LE Fountain

Lamy Studio

Waterman Shimmery

Delta Vintage

Walden Woods LE (Yes it says $750, it’s a wish list, LOL)

Sensa Woodwind

Taccia Ta-ke Fountain

Think Neo

Novelist Series Hand lathed

My last two “good” pens were a Parker Rialto (purchased right after the name change from 88) and a Sensa Fountain. I wasn’t too fond of the Parker, I didn’t like the grip, but I really miss my Sensa.

Now most of the pens above, I wouldn’t order without fondling (except for the Lamy Safari, got to fondle Julia’s at SnB recently). I am very picky about how a pen “feels.” I get particularly annoyed at a big jump from section (area below nib where you usually hold the pen) to cap band (where cap twists or clips on). Actually the smoother the transition from section to cap band to barrel, the more likely I am to give a pen a second look. I can overlook a chunky barrel if the section is long enough, but often on the flashy pens, it’s not.

I think I’d like to play with some dip pens too, for drawing, writing and lettering. I’ve seen some neat glass & bamboo ones.

Working on the Dark Fae journal has reminded me, that my favorite way to write is still pen to paper. I might have to take up letter writing again.


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  1. *drools*
    Good luck finding the *right* pen!

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