I’ve been bitten by the cold bug…

The good news is there is no fever, no aches, no sore throat.

The bad news is my nose will NOT stop and I am so tired despite a nearly 4 hour nap.

So drinking my Emergen-C, OJ, Water and going through snot rags faster than who knows what.


In other news, I got to spend the day with two of Rob’s (well mine too) nieces which we don’t get to often because their mom is a butt head to keep things G rated. She actually showed up almost on time at the exchange point (police station). Mia is so big and Bella is well Bella. LOL We had fun.


I get to drive Stephanie and Killian to the airport tomorrow. The flight is at 10 to 12:00 so we don’t even have to get up “early.” After that I am probably going to come home and nap then we need to decide if we are going to do grocery shopping or laundry or both when Rob gets home.


Didn’t get as far with my Dark Fae journal last night as I wanted to, maybe I can get a few more days done tonight and get a couple hours in on it tomorrow.

I also have to see about hitting the library, even if it’s just to send my overdue books down the shoot. Forgot them on the way out to Stitch ‘n Bitch… again.


Who knew 2 to 6 extra people in the house could be so distracting? LOL

I also got a taste of what it’s like to herd a 9 month old, a 18 month old, a 3 year old and a 7 year old. NUTS!!!

I was hoping this visit would help Ryne over the baby bug, but he is more determined than ever. So we may have to seriously sit down and consider the adoption options again. But we are looking at least a year maybe 2 off. I want to move first.

I have to double check when the bankruptcy was discharged to see when we were out of the house for 3 years so we can look into First Time Home Owner programs including CHFA.


And it’s official, the dreadlocks go in on April 18th.

And I am going to see about making a tattoo appointment for the Saturday after next, the 20th.

Note to self, make appointment to have windshield looked at on Monday.


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  1. You’re getting dreads on my birthday!

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