LOL I woke with determination not to catch a cold (and I am still determined). Tried a new flavor of Emergen-C, Acai. I like it. Nose is mostly behaving and throat has stopped tickling so fingers crossed.

But work, ugh, work. It’s driving me to drink. They have hired not one but two new people in the other office and there will another hire soon to replace the bookkeeper. In the mean time, my staff is sparse. They keep finding outside “help” for me but no one to enter all the crap being sent to me.

My interns are unreliable and I can’t get rid of them because they do what Bossman tells them to do. My part-timer is well a… part timer. And I am going to burn out soon. Bossman is determined that I have computer access from home so even when I am sick I won’t be able to leave this mess behind.

I want chocolate and a lot of it.

Thanks for reading my whinging.


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