Thursdays are a weird day here in the office. It’s not really overly hectic for me, Monday and Friday, on the other hand… But half the staff (the writers) are in a crazed frenzy getting the week’s newsletter ready on top of their normal news duties. Today has been particularly nutty because the lead writer is also the IT / Desktop Support guy. The bossman had the bright idea to update our internet today of all days… which involved reconfiguring our computers (static IPs) to the new modem and reconfigure my server. Nice. I got to knit for 45 minutes while he pulled his hair out. So I am farther behind, but since I am staying until 6ish anyway, I shall not pout.

I am getting “THAT” feeling in the back of my throat. You know what I am talking about, right? I am not happy. I will not be sick this weekend. I refuse, simply refuse. Whine, whine, whine…

I am in the mood for two winter faves I haven’t indulged in, well quite a long time, maybe years for the second – kale and spaghetti squash (not together, but that could work too). The latest The Kitchn newsletter had recipes for both. Not sure if I’ll use either of them but will post the links anyway.

Kale and Potato Puree
Spaghetti Squash with Ricotta, Sage and Pine Nuts

Speaking of The Kitchn, I am interested in learning more about Sprouted Bread.

Getting my hair trimmed on Saturday. At that time I’ll be consulting with Gina about dreadlocks. Yes, I do have friends who would do it for me for free… but while my office is pretty easy going, I want to do things as neatly as possible so want to start out correctly. If I do go forward with this, will probably be shooting for mid-April around payday.

And some time in May either near the 15th or 29th, I am going to get my ass to Spirit Gallery with two or three favorite Compass Rose images and get my first ink. (Actually got the artist’s permission to copy it a couple years ago) but too big for my current plan.,-nautical/Detail


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