Six hours of sleep…

I have been averaging 6 hours of sleep.

Nothing I can do stay up later, more melatonin (just makes me more groggy in morning), no caffeine for days, nothing will keep me asleep past 4AM. And it’s not that I am fully awake to get up at 4, just can’t get back to sleep. I really need 7.5-8 hours of sleep. Can’t do more unless I am beyond ill but I do need a full night’s sleep.

I really don’t know how much longer my body is going to take these 4-6 hour nights before it just goes kablewey on me.


I think I have my future twitters set so they will be tagged and hidden behind a cut. Will know if it works tonight.


Still don’t know what I am going to do with the van.

Guess we are going to clean it out tonight and get it towed over to the garage for a looksee and just go from there… renewed AAA so at least that got accomplished.


I seriously didn’t want to get out of bed so no coconut oil… didn’t have time to carve it out and melt it.

Today’s Smoothie
– 2oz Goji Juice
– 1/3c Vanilla Yogurt
– 2 handfuls Baby Spinach
– 6 frozen dark cherries
– 6 frozen pineapple chunks
– 8 frozen mango chunks
– 1 small banana
– splash of Orange Juice

Wasn’t enough fruit/veggies and I really missed the coconut oil.


Today is my brother’s 34th birthday, yes he is 34. I know he does not look it or act it. LOL


And grrrrr… I forgot my hoodie at home. I feel sort of naked. All around it should be an interesting day today.


Lastly some pictures taken by kailyn25 from her son’s birthday party…

Ryne & Skyla



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