The van drama is dragging…

Have I mentioned how much I despise not having transportation?

I know I don’t want to go into my vacation not have a vehicle at my disposal. I have doctors appointments to make – eye, general, allergy, dentist.

Not to mention, I want to see everyone and “everyone” is not in New London. Pfft.

So the local garage is going to charge me $75 just to tow it less than a half mile and charge me who knows what just to look at it. Which I understand, I am using someone’s time and expertise, but every penny I spend on diagnostics and then find out it’s toast… is less money have I have to buy a replacement.

kailyn25 sent me this Craigslist entry and it’s exactly what I’d be looking for if I had my tax money in hand (any day now).

If I do end up junking the caravan, I’ll have a brand new set of tires to sell on Craigslist, like to see if I can get 50-75% back on them.

No smoothie today or yesterday. Just bad mornings… did the coffee thing instead. Should be back on track tomorrow.


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  1. Car-drama is so exhausting! I had a Saturn SL-1 for a few years, and thought it was a great car.
    I’m waiting for my refund to show up, too. Grrrrr! C’mon already!

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