The weekend is approaching…

I can tell because my weekend is filling up.

Friday night, nothing. I need to go to bed early so I can survive Saturday. Well maybe a movie if something good is opening.

– Stitch n Bitch 9:30 to 12:30ish
– Hit the library and Fiddleheads Coop
– 3:00 have family birthday dinner with family – Steve’s (bro) birthday is the 10th and Ryne’s is the 12th
– Girls’ night to celebrate Kristie’s belated birthday (… maybe, depends on a couple circumstances)

– Sleep in
– Declutter dining table (next area on my list)
– Floors in entire apartment
– Art & Knit

Yesterday’s smoothie… wasn’t too thrilled with it. I am thinking next avocado smoothie experiment will be savory.

So this morning I went the dairy and fruit route since I knew I’d suck it down quickly.

Today’s Smoothie
– 2oz Goji Juice
– 2T Coconut Oil
– small banana
– 1/2c vanilla yogurt
– 8 chunks frozen mango
– 8 frozen dark cherries
– 1/4c frozen blueberries

Have made another realization… it’s not so much the banana in smoothies (as long as it’s properly ripened) it’s strawberries I am not to thrilled with in my smoothies. And I really do not like the strawberry banana combo.


4 Responses

  1. May be an odd question, but were you at the Waterford Commons Borders tonight (Thursday)?

  2. *ahem*
    Aaron’s party is on the 7th too.
    But, i understand if you need to back out of it…. or leave early. Holiday Bowl. 12:45- 3. Groton.
    i LOVE strawberry banana… LOVE IT.
    I should start making smoothies…Heh.

    • Yeah, we remembered last night. We will pop in. Probably can’t stay to bowl but we’ll be there by 1 and stay a bit. It’s going to be a fun day.

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